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Realtime Court Reporting

Realtime court reporting is the gold standard for reading testimony as it is spoken.  Through stenographic realtime technology, attorneys can highlight, annotate and otherwise focus on key pieces of testimony right as the deposition is happening.  This gives the litigator the unique ability to follow up instantly with the added insight of watching the testimony instead of simply hearing it.

Stenographic Court Reporting

While stenographic court reporters are in higher demand than ever before, the supply of new court reporting graduates has been declining over the last decade.  This means that it’s more important than ever to align your law firm with a reputable court reporting agency like Depo International.


HD Deposition Video

Video Depositions add another dimension to your trial presentation.  Not everyone learns and retains information the same way.  For this reason, allowing jurors to see the deponent giving testimony is oftentimes much more impactful than reading it aloud in court.This high-tech audio/video solution ensures that the picture and sound are crystal clear.

Transcript/Video Synchronization

If you’re looking for the ultimate in trial presentation technology, consider having your transcript synchronized with the deposition video.  This added feature lets your jury read, listen or watch at their discretion. Synchronized video transcripts also allow your legal team to highlight and easily make video clips to emphasize key pieces of testimony so that you can be sure the jury’s attention is right where you want it.


High Definition Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing technology has become much more stable and usable in recent years.  With IP video conferencing, your firm can conduct securely communicated depositions in full HD from the comfort of one of our deposition suites, or your law firm. These systems are not your run-of-the-mill desktop video conferencing applications. The point t technology ensures that the picture and sound are crystal clear.

Built for Litigation

Depo International is networked with thousands of video conferencing sites worldwide.  This means that there’s likely a video conference location near your deponent no matter where they are (especially in the USA).  Let Depo International handle all of the exhibits ahead of time so that everything will be ready the moment you are.


Schedule Anywhere, Anytime

Depo International has handled countless transcontinental depositions.  Our familiarity with foreign policies and procedures takes the burden and liability of a misstep off the shoulders of your law firm. While the ABA recommends convincing your foreign deponent to travel to the USA, that’s not always an option.

The Hague Convention

Depo International is intimately familiar with the Hague Convention policies and procedures when scheduling foreign depositions.  Whether your deponent is willing or not, we’ll navigate the Hague Convention and foreign governments’ procedures to ensure your deposition is conducted as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.


The Depo International Difference

Depo International is the world leader in transcontinental deposition scheduling. With the most advanced litigation technology and SuperFast delivery, Depo International will ensure your next trial presentation is prepared efficiently at the highest quality. Save time and money while avoiding hassles and surprises when you schedule with Depo International today!
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The DI Advantage

With more than 30 years in the business, Depo International provides the experience, proficiency, and the bandwidth to cover depositions here in the United States or virtually anywhere in the world.  From HD Legal Videography to state-of-the-art remote deposition systems, the technological advantages of Depo International is worlds apart from our competition.

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