Why use Video Depositions? Tips to Improve the Deposition through the Use of Video.

Video is becoming popular across multiple platforms. Not only are they being used more in business for testimonials, tutorials, and social media, video depositions are becoming popular in the legal field.

Why use video depositions?

Depositions are part of the discovery process at the beginning of a case. Video is used in a variety of ways during the deposition. They can further assist an attorney in determining if a witness is lying. In estate planning cases, video depositions are used to document the signing of wills and trusts. They can also capture testimony of witnesses who are incapacitated in some way.


There are times when it is impactful to see a person testifying while also reading the written transcript. While not as dramatic as we see on television, a witness can be caught not telling the whole truth. Body language and words speak volumes especially to a jury.

Before setting up a camera and calling deponents, let’s talk about the importance of using a Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS).

The National Court Reporters Association offers certification for those seeking to become legal videographers. The certification means the professional you hire has the training and awareness of the standards set forth by the association. They work in partnership with court reporters to ensure the integrity of the quality of video captured.

When you hire a Las Vegas legal videographer, you avoid pitfalls like background noise, poorly placed microphones, and bad lighting while also hiring a professional who understands the court requirements for the city, state, or county where the deposition will be presented, making it worth the investment.

Not only is it important to hire a certified legal videographer, it’s essential to find the right location.

Not all conference spaces are equal. The shared executive office suites might work for traditional depositions but be too noisy for video. Other meetings, cell phones, paper shredders, and outside conversations can cloud the recording. Make sure the space you select is sound proof or will at least provide the quiet needed for an effective video deposition.

And let’s not forget to prepare the deponent.

Advise them that a jury of their peers could potentially be viewing this video. That means dressing to impress. Forego jeans and sneakers in favor of business casual or even business suit. Be well rested. Hydrate. And most importantly, speak clearly and tell the truth as you know it.

Video depositions are not complicated or stressful when you have the right team working with you. Contact Depo International for your next Las Vegas, Chicago, or Minneapolis depositions.