Why Quality Matters When it Comes to Choosing a Court Reporting Firm

When you’re choosing a court reporting firm, there are several factors to consider. Among those are quality, commitment, and dedication. For the last 40 years, Depo International has been committed to supporting the community and delivering quality customer service to their clientele in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

Both our CEO Patricia Carl and President Angela Baker have never missed a deadline. They instill their impeccable track record of dedication and time management skills in the rest of their staff, focusing on quality of service. 

In addition to on-time delivery, they promise accuracy and a high level of customer care. When contacted by a law firm or business for services that include interpreters, real-time court reporters, and legal videographers, the Depo International team welcomes them and makes sure they understand the needs of the client including:

  • Reporting service requested
  • Date, time, and location
  • Deadline for delivery of final transcript
  • Special requests

Because we understand the scope of work up front and communicate with the client throughout the process, we are able to deliver an unmatched quality of service.

In 2018, we’re going to be even more focused by doing all we can to match the right court reporters and clients to create efficiencies and increased levels of customer care. In addition, we’re reviewing our onboarding process to make sure each new client receives the same attention and accuracy as our longer-term partners.

We believe the importance of quality matters from the moment a client calls to schedule their first deposition.

We’re dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients and meeting our promise to deliver on-time. We know that what we do matters to our clients which is why we’re dedicated to continuing to deliver at our unmatchable rate of 100% of the time on our promise of quality.

To learn more about Depo International or to schedule a deposition, contact us today!