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What Your Court Reporter Needs You to Know

We don’t ask for a lot but what we do ask for is important to us being able to not only do our job at a deposition but to deliver a quality transcript to you after the fact. Whether it’s providing breaks or remembering we’re experienced but not superheroes, your court reporter needs you to know how to create an environment where we do our best work.

Save the crunch and click for later.

Whether it’s the constant clicking of a pen, fingers tapping a table, or your crunchy apple being eaten during deposition, we need you to please stop. As court reporters, we need to be focused intently on what is being said.

Outside noises are frustrating and distracting to us. It’s especially important to have relative quiet in the room when it’s a video deposition. It can play negatively with a jury when the witness is talking on playback and there’s pen clicking (or other noise) in the background.

Schedule breaks.

Rather than having to eat your snacks in the middle of a deposition, allow time for breaks and provide lunch to the legal team. Please remember that your Chicago court reporter is part of the team. We’ve heard too many times that lunch is brought in and testimony continues. That means the reporter never gets a break! We’re much better at what we do – and we suspect you are too – when we can have a bit of time off from work during the day.

We’re not superheroes.

We know you’re excited to enter evidence but you can’t hand it to us and expect it logged while we’re recording testimony. We’re experienced but we’re not superheroes. Give us time to log evidence before asking the witness another question. Otherwise, we might need to ask you or the witness to repeat what was said. That only makes the day longer for all of us.

As you’re thinking about your next deposition, keep your court reporter in mind. Help us help you with your case by providing an environment where we can do our best work. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you again.