What is CART Captioning?

If you’ve seen closed captioning on television, videos, or webinars, you’ve seen the work of court reporters trained in Communications Access Real-time Translation or CART Captioning. Also called real-time or live-event captioning, it’s a specialized skill requiring accuracy and speed. These reporters transcribe spoken word into readable English nearly as soon as the words are spoken. It’s changing how we’re communicating and sharing information.

Who benefits?

The primary beneficiaries of CART captioning are the deaf and hearing impaired. The Americans with Disabilities Act recognizes CART as assistive and the role of providers as different from real-time reporters. There is currently legislation pending to make captioning accessible for students at all levels of education, creating an even greater demand for professionals in our industry.

What does it take to be a CART Provider?

While court reporters are talented in many ways, Chicago CART providers hold specialized skills and are currently sought after in legal, business, sports, politics, and education. It’s court reporting in the age of digital and the technology combined with skills brings events to those who may not have otherwise been able to participate. Events include church services, sporting, civic and political events, press conferences, webinars, seminars, and conventions.

The professional certification for CART providers may include being a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR), a first-level for court reporting. RPRs write 225 words per minute (rpm) with accuracy. Once these skills have been practiced, you can become a Certified Real-time Reporter (CRR) demonstrating accuracy exceeding 260 words per minute (wpm) at 95% accuracy.

Because of the demand and required skills, it’s likely you could be paid more for real-time reporting.

How does it work?

CART providers receive an audio feed and can be on-site or off-site meaning you can work from your home office if the venue can provide a strong feed to you. Using a steno machine and software, we write in phonetic shorthand and the software translates into recognizable English.

It’s pretty amazing when you sit back and think about it and we’re pleased to have access to CART providers that can help you reach the audience you desire. Contact us to learn more.