We’re changing court reporting around the world using technology!

court reporting around the world

Do you have a client overseas that needs to be deposed? Have you hired an expert witness from another state for an upcoming Minneapolis case? Are you wanting to video conference with a client or opposing counsel? Depo International is here to help. As a matter of fact, we’re changing court reporting around the world using technology!

Court Reporters Aren’t Being Replaced by Technology.

We often see headlines that reflect a myth about court reporting – that reporters are being replaced by technology. We’re here to tell you that’s simply not true. What IS changing is how we’re using advancements in technology to enhance and change how court reporters are utilized in legal, business, and civic settings.

  • Real-time transcription with the use of the internet and iPads.
  • Remote depositions for out of state or out of country deponents and expert witnesses.
  • Video meetings with multiple parties in multiple locations plus transcript.

Speech recognition software has come a long way but it still cannot capture nuances of speech. There is no technology currently available that will replace the power of the human ears and brain. Hear vs. here and other homonyms and any number of industry-specific verbiage can be misinterpreted by voice recognition software. We haven’t eliminated the human factor of court reporting. [Source] Even in courts where digital recording is available there is still a need for a court reporter to review and certify the transcript.

Court Reporter Demand is High

The reason the media is even talking about digital recording as it relates to court reporting is because of the court reporter shortage. By next year, it is estimated that there will be a shortage of at least 5,000 reporters across the country with at least 100 of those being in Minnesota and 120 in Nevada, including Las Vegas. There are simply too many reporters retiring and not enough graduating from court reporting school to meet the demand of the marketplace. 

Depo International has found a way to meet the demand, even if we can’t be face to face.

The demand is high because not only do we need reporters in legal settings, there’s an increased demand in community and business settings as well. We’re being requested for real-time reporting of events, closed captioning for sports, educations and entertainment venues, and transcription of recordings. Our court reporting firm is focused on remote depositions, global scheduling, and the utilization of technology to serve our clients.

Changing Court Reporting Around the World

We work with talented court reporters around the globe to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our international services offered include SuperFast delivery, an online repository, interpreters, online scheduling, real-time group chat capabilities, mobile audio and video conferencing, real-time text to iPads and video streaming, scanned, searchable and linked exhibits, and expedited capabilities.

As a prominent member of the WBENC, our certified women-owned business has a history of providing efficient and precise materials for clients after legal hearings and depositions. Contact us today to get started!

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