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We Need Your Help When It Comes to the Court Reporter Shortage

What happens when there is a shortage of professionals in a much-needed industry? When it comes to the court reporter shortage, we encourage you to spread the word about the value of this profession.

By 2018, it is estimated that there will be a shortage of more than 5,000 reporters due to a lack of people entering the field while at the same time demand continues to grow.

Once only found in courtrooms, reporters are now freelance, working from home or agencies like Depo International, and business settings. That means we have the opportunity to share our experience and the benefits of being a court reporter. The key to having enough court reporters across the country comes down to communication.

Leverage the Court Reporter Shortage

Whether you’re an agency, attorney, or court reporter, you have the power to change our industry just by telling your story on blogs and social media.

  • How did you decide to become a court reporter?
  • What do you like most about your career?
  • How much schooling does it take to enter the field?
  • Where are you working as a reporter (court, freelance, business, etc.)?

We’ve got to be sharing that court reporting is still a relevant career choice and that the demand is ever-increasing. If not, we risk empty schools and a nationwide lack of reporters. The shortage has the potential to slow or shut down courts and that just can’t happen.

Benefits of Court Reporting

While many are worried about the costs of education, whether recent high school graduates or seasoned professionals seeking a new industry, this profession offers a cost-effective option.

There’s no four year degree required. In just 24-36 months you can be working as a court reporter. With some experience, you can be making upwards of six figures. Prepare to start at $40-60,000 and build your way to being a top earner.

In addition to income, court reporting offers the option to work freelance, creating your own schedule and earning as much as you need to meet your personal financial goals. For some, it means being able to work and travel and for others it means building a retirement account faster than their peers. Whatever your reason, we recommend researching reporting as a career.

The more we can share on social media, blogs, and traditional media about this growing profession, the less likely we are to experience a shortage. We’ve got to work together as an industry to get the word out and get people into court reporting school before it’s too late.