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Volunteering at ALAMN’s ‘Fire Up The Grill’

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Giving Back with Depo International:

Depo International Minneapolis was honored to serve our community at ALAMN’s, ‘Fire Up The Grill’ Event.

On June 22, 2016, Depo International Minneapolis participated in The Association of Legal Administrators’ (ALAMN) annual ‘Fire Up The Grill’ event at Simpson Shelter, in Minneapolis.  This was a wonderful opportunity to come together to serve our community, and as an added bonus to connect and network with fellow ALAMN members!

The event kicked-off at 5:30 pm with 20 ALAMN volunteers and storm clouds looming in the distance.  Luckily the rain held off while the grills were a-cookin’.  Within an hour and a half, volunteers had worked together to grill chicken and brats, warm beans, assemble pasta salad and prepare strawberry shortcake (a perfect treat for the muggy evening).

With a half-an-hour remaining until dinnertime, the shelter advocate on duty, Tehya, provided a tour of the shelter to the new ALAMN volunteers.  On this tour the group was able to view the dining hall and supply closet while hearing a detailed history of the shelter.

Once the tour concluded, it was back in the kitchen where serving duties were divided.  And then it was time!  Out to the dining room!

The guests were in great spirits (all very excited for the BBQ meal), as they lined up for dinner.  Approximately 120 guests at Simpson Housing were served that evening.  As an unexpected surprise there were enough leftovers to provide some of the guests with seconds and even thirds!  The graciousness and gratitude of the guests during the meal serving and even after was simply overwhelming.  A few guests made a point to say yet another ‘Thank You’ as ALAMN members cleaned the dinner tables after the meal had wrapped up.  It was an emotional and enlightening event.  Depo International was very honored to have had the opportunity to serve the community and guests of Simpson Housing.  Thank you ALAMN for organizing a wonderful event and allowing us the opportunity to give back to our community.

Interested in learning more about Simpson Housing?

Simpson Shelter not only provides housing for single men and women experiencing homelessness, but also advocates for those men and women.  The shelter is always looking for new volunteers to assist with meals, creating gift baskets, organizing donation drives, and more.  Short on time?  There are other ways in which to help out, from gifting monetary donations to providing supplies/toiletries. 


Where can you find Depo International Minneapolis Next?

Depo International Minneapolis will be at the ‘Cocktails in the City’ event organized by Women in E-Discovery on July 13th.  We hope to see you there!