Videoconference Deposition Tips

Do you have witnesses across the state or in other states that you need to have deposed? Have you considered a video conference deposition? Technology, a legal videographer and a tech-savvy court reporter make it possible for you, witnesses, and your legal team to conduct depositions without needing to be in the same room or even the same state or country. Is it that simple? Maybe. Let’s talk about best practices for video depositions.

Test. Test. 1-2-3

Before attempting to coordinate the schedules of three busy people across time zones, coordinate a test call with your court reporter. Be sure the internet connection is strong enough to support the audio that’s needed and the room is the right size to conduct these type of depositions. Ask attendees to test the line a few minutes prior to the start of the actual deposition as well so adjustments can be made prior to witnesses being sworn in and questions started.

Witness Preparation

We recommend someone from the legal team, the attorney, paralegal, or court reporter, prepare the witness for working in front of the camera. A mock run through might be needed to get them comfortable speaking on video. Their facial expressions can be quite telling so the more they can control, the better.

Familiarize them with the layout of the room. If you’re using your own conference room, work with the court reporter and legal videographer to understand the layout of the space, including microphone and camera placement, so you can guide your witness through the process.

Swearing In

Make sure you understand who and how the oath will be administered to witnesses. This is especially important if the court reporter isn’t in the same room as the witness. It may be necessary to make note on the record regarding all parties agreeing to who and how the witness is sworn in.

Just like with any deposition, a videoconference deposition takes a bit of planning and preparation. As long as you’re working with your legal team, including the court reporter, we’re sure it will go off without technical or other difficulties.

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