U.S. Military Hero Series: Grayson Baker

Our gratitude goes out to the men & women of the U.S. Military.

Depo International’s interview with Grayson Baker of the U.S. Army.

Depo International caught up with Mr. Grayson Baker, former member of the U.S. Army, for a special interview in honor of Independence Day.  Mr. Baker’s connection to Depo International?  He is husband to Angela Baker, Vice President of Depo International and Certified Court Reporter, and father to their baby girl.  Outside the U.S. Military, Mr. Baker wears many different hats that we often forget about when we think of our U.S. Military personnel.  This interview will provide insight into his life as a soldier.



Grayson Baker



U.S. Army


How old were you when you joined the military?

Eighteen years old.


How many years were you in the military?

Just over 11 years (4,041 days).


Discharged date?

January 22, 2016.


Why did you join the military?

I wanted to change the direction my life was headed.  I wanted to do something exciting, and see the world.  I wasn’t the best kid in my teenage years, and I wanted my family to be proud of me.


How was your first day at base camp?  

Not bad, but they almost trick you.  They feed you great for the first couple days during the reception process; and, then, when you start basic training, it feels like you’re starving for four months.


Where have you been stationed?

Ft. Richardson, AK; Fort Irwin, CA; Ft. Benning, GA; Iraq; Thailand


How many active duty tours?

I have one 16-month tour to Iraq.  What a lovely place.


What does being in the military mean to you?

Everything.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  People often say the military brainwashes young men, and I would say that’s fairly accurate.  From day one, they brainwash you with values — honor, integrity, loyalty, etc.  The values they instill, the environments you live in, the situations you face and the dedication to the people you serve with all help shape you into a person that others want around.


What lessons have you learned while in the military?

More than I can count.  I’ve learned if you are afraid of heights, you shouldn’t go through Airborne School, BUT I’ve also learned to never settle with being mediocre.  I’ve learned to be the guy people want on their side, to pull my weight (literally), and when someone’s struggling, help to pull theirs, too.  I’ve also learned when someone with a very authoritative voice yells, “Who does Private Johnson belong to?!” something bad happened and I’m in trouble.  Lastly, I’ve learned I should have worn earplugs the past 10 years.


Have any hobbies outside military time?

I love the outdoors — hunting, fishing, and snowboarding.  I was spoiled while being stationed in Alaska.


Thank you, Mr. Baker, for your time and sharing your experience with us.  We greatly appreciate your service, sacrifice and dedication to protecting our freedoms and will be forever grateful.