Trial Consulting

Depo International is now offering support for graphics, imaging, video, and courtroom presentations.

Bill Mayleben

Bill Mayleben brings over 25+ years of expertise to the informational and litigation technology industry. Prior to working in the legal field, Bill worked as an IT Consultant. Providing full service technical support for various small to medium sized businesses. In 1998, Bill joined a Midwest IP law firm to head up the Litigation Support department. In January 2001, Bill left that law firm to specialize in courtroom technology and consulting.

Bill has assisted law firms and corporations nationwide with electronic trial support, his work has focused in the areas of intellectual property, medical malpractice and product liability. He has worked with counsel in federal and state courtrooms across the United States, consisting of over 200 trials that have gone to opening statement, 25+ mock trials and focus groups, and has aided with countless numbers of hearings.

Mr. Mayleben's Expertise

  • Trial Consulting and Support in both Federal and State Courts Nationally
  • Complex Trial Technology Configuration and Set-Up in the Court-Room
  • Project Management focused on litigation
  • Complex PowerPoint Creation and Design
  • Provides consultation for trial tactics and courtroom appearance

In addition, Bill has been and is currently a frequent presenter on the use of Trial Technology in the Court Room at numerous legal organizations and conferences and is considered an industry expert on the topic. He is a past member of the Minnesota Association of Litigation Support Professionals (MALSP), is Certified in TrialDirector, and has been a vendor sponsor of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter Women In E-Discovery (WIE).

Services We Offer

Deposition Playback

Depo International can bring your deposition to the courtroom.  Now that we have trial consultants on board, we will assure a seamless playback of your witness when they are not available to attend. 

We already have your depositions, text and video, why not have us make the cuts.  Efficiency is what we bring so you can work on the issues you need to.

Trial Consulting

Depo International now provides full electronic trial support services. Using technology in the courtroom may seem straightforward, but it is not the place to tackle unfamiliar issues. 

Depo International secures the “seamless presentation” by using our experience in both the computer and legal industries to provide solutions to make an electronic trial worry-free.

Equipment Rental

Depo International now provides equipment rental.  We have all the equipment you need in one package, we call it the “Trial Pack”.  Projectors, big screens, document cameras and everything else you may need to show. 

It’s simple, one price, we set it up and you plug in.  You’ll be ready for that courtroom that hasn’t been upgraded yet. 


Depo International now provides all the training you need to get yourself into the courtroom.  Presentation software can be complicated and you don’t want to the jury to see weakness.  We offer full training sessions for attorneys and staff to get you into the courtroom comfortably.  We also offer a refresher course just in case it’s been awhile since you last used the software.