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Tips for an Expert Witness Your Court Reporter Will Appreciate

Television is magical. Complicated crimes are solved within an hour and expert witnesses seem to appear out of nowhere. If only it were that simple in real life.

We know it takes time to prepare an expert witness. They not only have to provide in-depth information, they must do so in a way that a judge and jury understand while at the same time withstanding cross-examination. It takes time to get ready for such an endeavor.

Hire the Right Expert Witness

Don’t just Google to find your next expert witness. Research. Ask for recommendations. Interview a number of experts before choosing the one for your case. Make sure you understand their areas of expertise (medical, business, forensics, and engineering), availability, and your strategy before hiring them. Failure to do so can cause embarrassment in the courtroom.

Don’t Forget the Court Reporter

Want to know what our court reporters appreciate? Being involved. Please remember to notify your reporter of the witness name, area of expertise, and any industry-related lingo that is pertinent to their understanding of the case. It will help the deposition and proceedings run smoother if they’re not constantly asking for clarification of names and terminology.

Preparation is Key

The expert witness is as important to the case as anyone else involved. They need a clear understanding of the facts, your strategy, and the opposing counsel’s strategy in order to formulate answers to your questions.

  • Allow time for them to review their own reports and evidence so they can provide answers to specific questions.
  • Remind them (and yourself) to speak loudly and clearly so the court reporter can accurately record their testimony.
  • Answer questions in a way the jury, their audience, understands.
  • Experts are well versed in their field and tend to give long winded answers. Encourage them to answer only what is asked in as concise a manner as possible. The last thing you need is for them to get hung up on cross examination.

While we can’t guarantee your case will run as smoothly as the crime shows on television, we know from experience that a bit of preparation and notification will go a long way for your expert witness and court reporter.

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