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Time Saving Tips for Your Next Deposition

As with most businesses, your law firm likely has times that are busier than others making it important to have processes in place. What’s your process when it comes to preparing, scheduling, and attending depositions? If it feels like your legal team isn’t as efficient as they could be, we offer these time saving tips for your next deposition.

Check schedules.

We’ve all double scheduled appointments at least once in our lives. Just last week I set an appointment for a time when my colleague told me she wasn’t not available. It was embarrassing but we got through it and found a time that worked for both of us. Before notifying the witness about their deposition, check the schedules of your legal team, including your Minneapolis court reporter, to make sure they can accommodate the day, time, and place on their schedules.

Interview the witness prior to your next deposition.

While some cases move faster than others, it will actually save you time in the long-run if you can interview the witness prior to your next deposition. Check with their counsel to ask if that is possible. If they don’t have counsel, call them directly and ask questions. You may learn facts that alter the questions you were planning to ask.

Share the cost with opposing counsel. 

If possible, schedule your depositions with the same court reporting firm as opposing counsel.

Let the firm know you’re both working the same case. There may be room for discounts or at the very least you will know where the transcripts and evidence are stored and won’t have to chase opposing counsel to get what you need from the depositions. Not to mention that you can save on duplicate charges to access the same information.

Consider remote access. 

If the sole reason a deposition hasn’t been completed is that you don’t have a court reporter, consider hiring a reporter who provides remote access video depositions. Your team, including the deponent and court reporter, utilize secure online software to conduct the deposition. Once completed, the reporter will provide a preliminary transcript for your review. No need to waste resources on travel costs and time on waiting for your court reporter to be available.

In a time when there is a court reporter shortage, it makes sense to look at your law firm in a different way and develop processes that not only help your legal team be more efficient but that serve your clients better and faster. If you’re in need of a court reporter in Minneapolis, Las Vegas, or Chicago, contact Depo International today!