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Time Management vs. Time Blocking

Have you been told you’re bad at time management? Maybe it’s not about time management. Maybe (just maybe) it’s about how you’re managing your time. Do you make what feels like an endless list of tasks to accomplish? You might complete a few but you’re always adding to the list. It feels like you can’t get anything accomplished for yourself or your court reporting clients.

You’re tired and frustrated.

Maybe it’s time to try time blocking instead of time management.

What could you accomplish if you focused on one client or task at a time? One hour for email. Two hours for a client. Four hours for another client. That’s time blocking. You shut off social media, email, and the phone and focus solely on one task. Many people who time block report they actually get more accomplished than when they were utilizing lists.

15 Minute Blogger

Years ago there I followed a mom blogger who took 15 minutes each day to declutter a space in her home – a drawer, a shelf, a closet, the kids toy box. Then she blogged about it and included before and after pictures. It was amazing to watch her progress.

This was before livestreaming but I imagine if she were doing it today she’d be on Facebook Live for 15 minutes a day with her community. Over the course of a few months she had cleaned most of her home. All it took was 15 minutes of focused effort each day. It was truly inspiring.

Business Difference

What would it mean to your clients if you could focus on just them for blocks of time each day or each week? They would know when they could call you to talk about upcoming work and when they could expect to receive work from you. It could truly change the face of your business in meaningful ways.

Small Steps

Let’s be realistic. Most of us are addicted to our smartphones and social media updates. If you’re using social media to grow your Chicago court reporting business, it’s even more tempting to “just check” your accounts only to find you’ve lost an hour in a LinkedIn group chatting it up with other reporters. Instead of getting caught up in the conversation, set a timer and when it goes off, you’re done on social media.

Old habits die hard so transition over a period of time. Experiment with time management vs. time blocking and let us know how you’re doing. We’re willing to bet you’re accomplishing more in less time.