Staying Productive In and Out of the Office

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It is likely that you are getting ready to get back to working at the office or still working from home. Let’s be productive and ahead of the game because it can be challenging in many ways, especially when everything has been changing. Here I have put together a list of helpful tips that could help make all the new transitions run more smoothly.

Lists! Lists! Lists!

Lists can be overwhelming and sometimes hard to follow. Break them down into days, weeks and even months to keep your deadlines. I find what helps with the “Sunday Scaries” is on Sundays making a “this week” list and then each evening of the week prioritizing the day ahead. This way you are always on top of what is most important. I have found that not only writing them down in a planner but also scheduling them in on your phone helps. Calendars and reminders will be your best friend.

Be Flexible

Unexpected change happens all the time; we all know this, so be flexible. Deadlines change, uncertain events and/or tasks come up. Having a back-up plan can be helpful, but is not always realistic. We understand that and are always happy to help any way we can.

Do Some De-Stressing

When you’re stressed out, it’s likely because you are focusing on all of the things you need to do or all of the things you didn’t do. When you find yourself doing this, stop, take a breather and think of what can help you to de-stress. Once you figure it out, take a break and do it! Then come back to your tasks, regroup and prioritize. Always remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and that is enough.

Sometimes Subtract

We are all guilty of putting too much on our plate, thinking we have more time than we do, etc., etc., so sometimes we need to delegate and subtract from our list(s). You can’t pour from an empty cup, so prioritize your day(s). Think of what your short-term and long-term goals are. Once you have those established, determine how important the task or tasks are to achieving these goals. This will help you delegate your tasks.

Create Workflows

A workflow is similar to a routine. It is a sequence of tasks that you follow in order to complete all of your tasks from start to finish. You can create workflows for almost everything you need to get done. This will help you keep each step required in the process organized so there are no oversights, which, let’s be honest, this happens a lot when we are juggling multiple tasks.


When you focus on one task for an extended period of time, it allows you to enter into your workflow. This allows you to work efficiently and cuts out all of the other distractions. Try focusing on emails for an hour or two, then focus on calls for an hour or two, client meetings, etc., etc. Finishing tasks start to finish will help you feel more productive and accomplished. When I feel productive and accomplished, it kicks me to be more productive and to accomplish more.

Whether you are getting back into the swing of working in the office alongside your co-workers and/or employees, or you are working from home trying to stay connected and be productive, it will all be a breeze with these simple, yet effective, tips.

Author Paige Story


Paige Story | DepoRemote™ Specialist

Paige has been with Depo International for three years. She is a driven self-starter with many areas of expertise. Paige enjoys being the mother of a two-year old boy and enjoys being on the lake, reading, writing, baking, fitness, learning, and trying new things.