Real Time Court Reporting

Realtime court reporting is the gold standard for reading testimony as it is spoken. It’s simple: You will be able to use DI’s iPads during the deposition, all set up and ready to go. During the deposition session, you can view, search, mark key sections, and then leave the deposition with a rough draft sent to your email with annotations or markings that you have made during the deposition. Group chat and streaming text/video and audio is available, so your entire team and experts can remotely join into the session and be an active participant. For example, if you’re in Korea and your support team is in LA, and your experts are in D.C., connecting them to the session is simple – and we’ll handle all of the details. P.S. We don’t charge you for the service of providing the iPads – and we always provide interpreters with a courtesy realtime screen. It’s just the right thing to do, especially in technical, difficult patent cases where minute details make all the difference, and attention to details is our expertise.

Stenographic Court Reporting

While stenographic court reporters are in higher demand than ever before, the supply of new court reporting graduates has been declining over the last decade. This means that it’s more important than ever to align your law firm with a reputable court reporting agency like Depo International.

Depo International backs up efficient and high-quality service with SuperFast delivery so you receive your transcripts as quickly as possible. Our famous 5-day delivery* gives you the fastest service in the industry at 14-day prices – that’s a 50% savings!

*Available by region

Video depositions add another dimension to your trial presentation. Not everyone learns and retains information the same way, so allowing jurors to see the deponent giving testimony is oftentimes much more impactful than reading it aloud in court. Our CLVS-certified videographers use high-tech audio/video solutions to ensure that the picture and sound are crystal clear. No need for breaks! Our digital capture process allows for hours of nonstop recording so you can keep the momentum going throughout the deposition.

Transcript / Video Synchronization

If you’re looking for the ultimate in trial presentation technology, consider having your transcript synchronized with the deposition video. This added feature lets your jury read, listen or watch at their discretion. Synchronized video transcripts also allow your legal team to highlight and easily make video clips to emphasize key pieces of testimony so that you can be sure the jury’s attention is right where you want it.

Our familiarity with foreign policies and procedures takes the burden and liability of a misstep off the shoulders of your law firm. While the ABA recommends convincing your foreign deponent to travel to the USA, that’s not always an option. Depo International will travel anywhere, anytime to handle all of your deposition needs. Our streaming technology also allows you to stream text, video and audio to additional members of your team during the deposition no matter where they are located across the globe. While your legal counsel is deposing in Korea, your team can follow the live stream in LA!

The Hague Convention

Depo International is intimately familiar with the Hague Convention policies and procedures when scheduling foreign depositions. Whether your deponent is willing or not, we’ll navigate the Hague Convention and foreign governments’ procedures to ensure your deposition is conducted as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Video and web conferencing technology has become much more stable and usable in recent years. With IP video conferencing, your firm can conduct securely communicated depositions in full HD from the comfort of one of our deposition suites or your law firm. Our systems ensure that the picture and sound are crystal clear every time.

Built For Litigation

Depo International is networked with thousands of video conferencing sites worldwide. This means that there’s likely a video conference location near your deponent no matter where they are (especially in the USA). Let Depo International handle all of the exhibits ahead of time so that everything will be ready the moment you are.

Depo International’s knowledge and expertise in handling complex cases allows ease of mind for you and your litigation teams. DI’s full litigation support, be it Digital Exhibits (paperless exhibit solutions that allow you to load all of your exhibits digitally to share with legal counsel throughout the deposition. This secure internet-based technology stores potential exhibits while allowing you to annotate, view and share them electronically during proceedings. Multi-location, electronic exhibit stamping, real-time mark-up and digital file and event management makes digital exhibits the best solution for ease of access and sharing. All of our transcripts are hyperlinked with your exhibits, at no additional charge to you.) , to global scheduling, to interpreting/translating, process serving, or trial consulting, trust the experts at DI and receive excellent customer service and complete support.

Each complex case is assigned a Complex Case Manager available 24/7, and all services are supported through our online repository, with all your case documents easily accessed online 24/7.

We know a thing or two about handling large complex cases, and will be there for you, from start to finish. With our process service, deposition ease of scheduling, and Trial Consulting, we can handle it all!

Preparing and displaying evidence in the courtroom can be a daunting experience.
It is now common place to have a dedicated person to take on this stressful task. Depo International now provides trial consulting services to take the heat off the team so you can stress about the thing that matters, your case.

Our trial consultants are proficient in all areas when it comes to trial. What happens when you decide to build a PowerPoint for an expert witness the night before? Maybe you need video depositions cut for playback in the courtroom or strategic ideas on how to present evidence in the most compelling way. Or maybe you need a strong technical background for when the equipment fails in the courtroom. No matter what the concern is, we can provide you the stress-free electronic courtroom experience you need to prepare for trial. Contact us today for more information about these services and how to effectively present your next case in the electronic courtroom!

Common services include:

  • Courtroom Support
  • Presentation Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Equipment Rental
  • Technical Training

As a proud certified woman-owned member of WBENC, Depo International has many solutions for managing litigation expenses and providing solid solutions to your corporation’s litigation needs. Call today to find out all of the advantages of using a WBENC corporation solutions provider.

Depo International provides interpretation services in all languages. Utilizing realtime translation, our reporters work side-by-side with interpreters to ensure prompt and accurate translation of legal proceedings. Our certified interpreters are highly qualified and able to assist in any language you may need. P.S. We always provide interpreters with a courtesy realtime screen. It’s just the right thing to do, especially in technical, difficult patents cases where minute details make all the difference, and attention to details is our expertise.

Do you feel like staffing is one giant puzzle and you’re missing some of the pieces? Tired of submitting resumes to no avail? DI Recruiting can help! Whether you need to fill your team or are seeking the next step in your career, DI Recruiting can help you every step of the way.

Unemployment in Minnesota is at an all-time low and it can be hard to find the right candidate to round out your team. DI Recruiting uses a personal touch to get to know your needs and goals to help find the right candidate to join your team or the right position to drive your career.

DI Recruiting is a women-owned company that specializes in direct hire legal recruiting for all types of positions including legal secretaries/legal administrative assistants, paralegals, receptionists, file clerks, office managers, bookkeepers/accountants, eDiscovery consultants, and litigation support professionals. We work with law firms and corporate legal departments around the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area connecting skilled candidates with employers. We are affiliated with Depo International, a world-wide provider of court reporting and legal videography services, with the goal of having all your legal support needs located in one place.