Reasons Your Firm Should Be Involved in the Community

If you’re a locally based business, as opposed to online, it’s important to be involved in the community. Not only does it get you and your staff out from the walls of the law office, it is an opportunity to connect with the people who are potential clients in a more casual setting than when they have to come to you with a legal issue. If they’ve met you before they need you, we believe they’re more likely to call. While you might think it is a waste of resources, we’d like you to consider these reasons your firm should be involved in the community.

Getting to Know You 

As a legal professional we often meet our clients when they are in a state of distress. Rather than waiting until your neighbors need you, connect with them at festivals, fairs, and volunteer events. Get to know who they are and take a genuine interest in what’s happening in their lives. While they may not be an immediate referral, they may know someone they can refer to your firm.

Increase Brand Awareness 

Congratulations! Whether your law firm is one person or many, it is its own brand. That means you have endless opportunities to promote and increase brand awareness. The more the community sees you, the more they get to know, like, and trust you and your brand. This familiarity often translates into leads.

Not only is it good for business, but being involved in the community is an opportunity to reach out to your social media following. Share where you will be before, during, and after using Facebook live. If your target clients are younger, you might even try your hand at Snapchat. Other ways to share are in press releases like the ones we have posted on this blog and to create blog posts specific to your community involvement.

Client and Employee Retention

In today’s hectic world people have a real need to be part of something bigger than themselves and want to do business with people they can trust. That’s why you being involved in the community matters.

  • Team building through volunteer projects. We know that employees who are appreciated are more likely to stay at their current job. Create those opportunities for your legal team.
  • Increased brand awareness. Wear company colors or logo wear wherever you volunteer so everyone you meet knows it’s the XYZ firm that’s building those houses or feeding the hungry.
  • Don’t keep it a secret. Share photos and video testimonials related to community involvement with your current and prospective clients through social media, blogs, and newsletters.

Being involved in the community is just plain good for business. You get to know the culture of your city and its people. They get to know you and your employees get a chance to step away from their desks to give back. It’s a win-win for everyone.

At Depo International, we practice gratitude and share it with our clients and colleagues in Minneapolis, Las Vegas, and Chicago. Learn more about how we are involved in the community on our Gratitude page.