Reasons to Hire a Legal Videographer

Video is becoming increasingly important and effective for use on websites, social media, and online marketing but that’s not the only place where it can make a difference. Hire a legal videographer for your next deposition!

Why not just have the court reporter record the testimony?

We’re asked why we wouldn’t just have the reporter record the testimony and the answer is simple. They’ve already got a lot of responsibility in tracking evidence and transcribing testimony. It would likely take longer if they were also recording. It’s not as simple as bringing in a video camera and hitting record.

Legal videographers are trained in the 62 standards for legal video depositions. They’re certified by the Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) Council of the National Court Reporters Association. In other words, they’re well-trained to handle your case. There are times when it just makes sense to have a video recording in addition to the written transcription.

Impeachment of a Witness

On television it’s easy for the cops and lawyers to catch a witness in a lie but it’s not that way in real life. Most people don’t fall to the pressure so it’s up to attorneys to get to the heart of the matter, even if that means impeaching a witness by playing a video clip of their deposition in addition to reading the written transcript.

The jury can see the witness, who just told one version of the events in question, giving another version of the story. It’s quite impactful but we couldn’t do it without legal videographers.

Witness Isn’t Available

You’re preparing for a trial and learn a key witness isn’t available on the trial date. What do you do? Rather than searching for another witness, hire a legal videographer to record witness testimony. While you get their account of events into the record, the downside is that you can’t ask them additional questions should you need to do that.

The Calming Effect

It has been our experience that having a legal videographer present calms witnesses and attorneys. They seem to be on better behavior than if there’s just a court reporter in the room. No one wants to see their bad behavior replayed later.

Whatever the reason, a legal videographer is an option for your next Nevada deposition. Contact us today to learn more.

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