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Press Release: Minneapolis-based Court Reporting Firm Depo International is delivering their signature workshop, “Creating a Culture of Gratitude in the Workplace,” across the nation

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Depo International is one of the nation’s leading court reporting firms and Director of Business Development DeAnne Brooks leads the team by facilitating the firm’s signature workshop, “Creating a Culture of Gratitude in the Workplace,” across the country.  Ms. Brooks has given the presentation in Las Vegas, Nevada, Norfolk, Virginia, and in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding suburbs. She, along with the rest of the women-led Depo International team, believe gratitude in the workplace is essential to business success.

“The benefits of practicing gratitude are undeniable. The simple act of showing your appreciation results in deeper connections which equals greater happiness both inside and outside the workplace. Our workshops are based on our core value that gratitude and appreciation, relationship building, and connecting to the communities in which we work are essential to creating and maintaining long-term sustained growth for our business,” says Ms. Brooks.

The CLE-certified education seminar called “Creating a Culture of Gratitude in the Workplace” focuses on the harmful effects of stress and is based on the research from professors at the University of Miami and the University of California at Davis. In the experiment, one group of participants kept a journal each day of what they were grateful for and the other group kept track of frustrations in a daily journal. The gratitude group was 25 percent happier than the other group at the conclusion of the study, and they also had fewer health issues, were more interested in helping others, and got in more exercise time. The seminar carries one CLE credit and is free. Contact [email protected] for more information.

DeAnne Brooks is the Director of Business Development and has 30 years of experience in the legal industry. At Depo International, she focuses her efforts on maintaining and fostering client relationships, ensuring the organization learns and grows with the needs of clients. Ms. Brooks plays a strategic role in the development of new business in the Minneapolis location and is available to facilitate the firm’s exclusive workshop “Creating a Culture of Gratitude in the Workplace” to law firms and employer groups across the country.

For more than 40 years, Depo International has been focused on client appreciation events including CLE-certified educational seminars with speakers, monthly thank you events, holiday goodies and client celebrations. They strive to know their clients and let them know they’re appreciated. To learn more about the court reporting firm’s foundation of gratitude and appreciation, visit