It's Been 2 Years Since The Pandemic Started That Changed Our Industry.

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It’s now two years post pandemic since the world changed our industry and the future of remote depositions is here to stay! And it’s all good!

Pick the best team to provide remote deposition services! Depo International guarantees superior customer service and stands out as a shining star and global leader in remote video depositions; has the most 5-star Google reviews; the fastest standard transcript delivery; united with 40 years of experience in the court reporting industry.

Here are a few of the most common questions that we receive:


You’ve got some questions; we’ve got some answers!

How Do I Share Exhibits?

You can pull up exhibits yourself and use the share function or have our technicians manage them; either way you can mark, annotate, and share. For large case depositions with voluminous exhibits, Agile Law is our streamline tool that can manage the entire process.

Do You Provide Technicians?

Yes! A DepoRemote™ expert technician can be requested and provided to handle technical issues that may arise, such as getting participant’s audio and video to work, pulling up exhibits to mark and share, zooming in and out or passing remote control to others.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

Zoom videoconference depositions are easy to access from any device: phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or videoconference.

Is the Remote Deposition Secure?

Our DepoRemote™ solution is encrypted and 100% secure. We are BAA licensed and HIPPA Compliant. 

What About Hybrid Depositions?

A picture is worth a thousand words and at DI, we make the hybrid remote deposition so real, you’ll pinch yourself! The Meeting Owl Pro is cutting edge technology with a 360- degree camera, speaker, and mic all rolled into one device that integrates the conferencing platform. Paired with the Owl’s use of smart speakers, this enables us to record high-quality audio free from blemishes and other sound problems that can render testimony useless.

Clients can use this amazing technology by renting it from Depo International.

How Do I Get the Best Internet Connection?

We recommend hardwiring your laptop or desktop for the best DepoRemote™ Zoom experience. Headsets are also a great added tool to get excellent audio.

How Does an Interpreter Work?

Really the same as in person. The interpreter will be present on Zoom. If preferred; they can also be with the witness.

How Do Breakout Rooms Work?

Breakout rooms are very similar to an attorney and witness leaving the deposition to go into a separate room to talk. The host, DepoRemote™ specialist or the court reporter would assign a breakout room for specific people. They would then be in a separate room to privately communicate. The rest of the people in the depo will not be able to hear or see them. The host can also set a timer on the breakout room. Once the timer is up, they are back in the depo with everyone else.

How To Video the Deposition for Trial?

Videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom or WebEx are not admissible in court. We can provide both the expert court reporter and legal videographer to record the proceeding. The videographer will pin the deponent to the full screen and add the official date and time stamp.
Of course, syncing the video with the transcript is a provided service that allows clicking anywhere in the video or transcript to watch that portion.

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