Organizing for Success

Ever wonder where the days goes? Do you feel like you’re busy but not productive? It’s happened to all of us! Your Minneapolis or Las Vegas court reporting business can be busy but let’s talk about organizing for success so you’re more productive.

Eating the Elephant

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It’s the same for your work. If you have too many tasks, not enough time, take a look what you’ve got on your plate.

  • How many cases are you working on?
  • What is due for each client and when?
  • Can a portion of your business be outsourced?
  • What are your personal obligations?
  • Describe your workspace.

It may be overwhelming to look at everything you have to get done but it’s helpful to have the big picture. Then you can start to break it into tasks and delegate.


I work at home and so does my husband but we have separate businesses and workspace. We can close the door to the office when each of us has calls and know we’re not disturbing each other. There are days when all we do is have lunch together and then go back to work.

Whether you’re working alone in your home office or have others with you, it’s good to establish designated workspace that’s just for you and just for your work.

  • Avoid using common areas for work as it can lead to a feeling of never leaving work.
  • Keep work out of the bedroom as it can literally keep you awake at night.
  • Organize files and office supplies so it’s not a source of stress.

Where you work makes a big difference to your productivity. If you can’t focus then it’s likely you’re not getting tasks completed in the time you’ve estimated. That’s frustrating!

Tick Tock

If your day is ticking away and you don’t know what you’ve accomplished, it’s time to slow down and be deliberate about what you’re doing. Where are you wasting time? Are you spending too much time on email or social media? Are you distracted by household tasks? For one week, write down what you do each day. You’ll likely see patterns and ways to improve managing your day.

  • Block time for tasks like client-specific work, email, and accounting.
  • Use a calendar for business and personal events and obligations.
  • Outsource household chores to family or hire someone to help especially during the times when you’re most busy.

It’s okay to hire people to help you. In fact, we think it’s a huge part of organizing for success to be able to identify where you’re most stressed and make changes. Here’s to a great year for your court reporting business!