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How To Prepare for a DepoRemote™

When you are ready to schedule a remote deposition, simply contact our office as you normally would when scheduling a deposition. We will add the information to our calendar, and set up the DepoRemote™ connection. As soon as you receive the link and connection information from me, you can forward it to all of the other participants, including the witness. Or, if you would like our office to send the DepoRemote™ information to the participants, we are happy to do that as well, just provide us with the email addresses that we should send it to.

We highly recommend doing a test call sometime before the deposition. You can just let us know what date and time you are available for a quick test, and we’ll set it up. In the test call, we can make sure that your audio and video connections are strong, and that the computer or device you plan to use for the deposition, will work well. We can also walk you through any of the DepoRemote™ features that you plan to utilize at the deposition. This can really help to avoid any confusion or issues when it’s time for the actual deposition.

If possible, email the exhibits to us before the deposition, so the court reporter has them in front of her, and ready to mark. Additionally, please let us know ahead of time, if you would like to schedule one of our DepoRemote™ Technicians to attend the deposition as well. We can make sure that the DepoRemote™ technician has all of the exhibits there, ready to share when the time is right, in the DepoRemote™ conference.

On the date of the deposition, plan to connect a few minutes early on the DepoRemote™ conference, so that we can make sure you are connected, and that your audio and video are clear.

Please feel free to watch the other video clips on our website, which also contain helpful tips and information about remote depositions, and the services we provide.