How can you be productive when a deposition is postponed?

Life happens and there will be times when a deposition is postponed. Maybe all parties weren’t available as planned or the attorney was needed on a more urgent matter. The reason isn’t particularly relevant to you as the Chicago court reporter except that you need to know when the new deposition date is. For you, it’s an opportunity to be productive.

  1. First, let your agency know, if they don’t already, that you’re available for last-minute work. Then find out the new deposition date for the client who postponed and update your calendar. Ask yourself two questions – What can I get done today for this client or another client? Is there a scheduling conflict for the postponement date? It’s better to be ahead of work than double booked.
  2. Don’t share on social media. No one needs to know the change in schedule especially your friends and, perhaps more importantly, professional contacts on social media. What you think is being broadcast to a limited audience could get back to your client and we’re pretty sure they don’t want you talking negatively about them. It could cost you work and your reputation.
  3. What you CAN do on social media. Take the negative and turn it into a learning experience. Ask in professional groups what they would do with the extra time. Would they do client work or take the opportunity to rest or spend time with family? Who knows, it could spark a new idea for you!
  4. Contact clients. Use this time to be productive by contacting other clients. Check in, see how they’re doing, and let them know your availability. They may need you for an upcoming deposition.
  5. Work ON your business. If you’re a freelance reporter, use this time to complete tasks that seem to always be on your to do list but never get completed like bookkeeping, invoicing clients, or writing an article to publish on LinkedIn.
  6. Rest. You work endless hours and just need a break. Take time for yourself for a pedicure or massage. Read a book. Go for a walk. Rest your mind from the focused work of being a court reporter.

When a deposition is postponed, it’s an opportunity for you to be productive. Whether it’s working on another case or getting caught up on a to-do list, use your time wisely.