Depo International is based on the foundation of Gratitude and Appreciation. This is extended to our staff as well as our clients. Our goal is to build relationships and create community while increasing client loyalty and brand equity. Our clients are more than just accounts and assets to our company. Our clients are appreciated, respected and are part of the Depo International family that creates the long-term sustained growth of our business.

We hold a variety of client appreciation events from CLE-certified educational seminars with speakers, monthly thank-you events, holiday goodies and client celebrations all in an effort to get to know our clients better and let them know we appreciate them. We do not charge for any of these events; they are our gift to you for being our clients.

We offer a CLE-certified education seminar called “Creating a Culture of Gratitude in the Workplace” where we discuss the harmful effects of stress and share tools on alleviating that stress by practicing gratitude and appreciation. This seminar carries one CLE credit and is absolutely free to you! If you would like more information on this program, please email

At Depo International, we are grateful for you!

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Practice of Gratitude

The benefits of practicing gratitude are undeniable. The simple act of showing your appreciation results in deeper connections which equals greater happiness. Our one-of-a-kind circle bracelet serves as a daily tangible reminder to acknowledge the bounty of goodness in our lives and to share it with others. Buy a bracelet, give a bracelet, and share your appreciation with your own circle of people.

$35 Each or 4 for $100

30% of Every Sale Benefits a Group or Cause

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