Got Apps? Here are our recommendations for apps for court reporters

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I am slowly coming around to the idea that using apps on my phone will actually make me more efficient. My husband uses his phone for everything from music, shopping, and GPS to banking and travel reservations. That got me thinking to how I could use my phone to make work easier using apps for court reporters. Here are my recommendations: 

Go the Distance for your clients. 

In need of Wi-Fi and can’t find a good connection? A colleague was working with an associate attorney who didn’t know the password so she offered to use her phone as a hotspot. It kept the proceeding running on time and everyone appreciated her going the extra mile. Whether it’s not knowing a password or working remotely in a hotel that charges for Wi-Fi, it will go a long way to building a business relationship when you do more than is asked or expected. 

Password Protection 

It has become a bit of a joke in my house that whenever I have to log into a website like my bank account, I’ve forgotten my password and need to reset it. My husband is hardly surprised anymore and it gives us a chuckle. If that sounds like you, consider using LastPass password manager that will keep your passwords secure and readily available. 

Time Yourself 

Need to track the time you’re spending on a particular case? Try free apps by searching “track my time,” in Google Play or try free favorites from our Las Vegas court reporters including FreshBooks and Tomato Timer. Even when you’re away from the office, you can still track how much time you’re spending on client work whether that’s for billing purposes or personal knowledge. 

Doc Saving, Scanning, and Sharing 

Dropbox and ScanPro are the favorites for storing files, pictures, and documents. As long as you know your username and password, you can access and share documents saved in Dropbox from anywhere. An added bonus is being able to sync documents to/from laptop and phone. Even if your computer loses documents, you can still access files through the app.

Not every file is going to be created by you. If needed, use Scan Pro to scan, save, and share documents. Whether it’s receipts, paper notes, contracts and agreements, or client documents, you can use your phone or iPad as a scanner with this app and upload to Dropbox or other cloud. Bonus is the ability to password protect documents when you share.

Whether you’re using a few apps or can practically work from your phone or tablet, I’m pretty sure you (and I) are more efficient than if we had to log into a computer for all things related to business.

What are your techie tips for court reporters? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.