Go the Extra Mile for Clients

We’ve all had clients that pushed us to be better court reporters than we were before we met them. In the moment they may have annoyed or frustrated us but looking back we’d say we learned from them. Not only do we pass that knowledge along to future clients but we’d like to share our best tips for going the extra mile for court reporting clients with you.


Turnaround Time.

At Depo International, we make going the extra mile part of what we do every day. Our standard five day turnaround for transcripts not only saves time, it saves money too! We accomplish this by having enough resources available to cover our workload and you can too. Understand what it takes for you to serve a client and never carry more work than you can handle.


Accuracy Matters.

Because you understand your workload, you can focus on the accuracy of transcripts. Include time for transcribing as well as proofreading and editing. We recommend a bit of time away from a transcript so that when you return, you’re refocused and notice changes you may have otherwise missed.


Dress (more than) the Part.

We always want our court reporters to be dressed professionally. Even if the attorney is more laid back in their fashion or demeanor, we recommend you still be in your best business attire — crisp, ironed shirts or blouses, skirts or dress pants, jacket, and dress shoes.


Be Consistent.

Going the extra mile isn’t a one-time deal. You’re setting an expectation for your ethic and work and should strive to meet that standard with all clients all of the time. There will be some who will try your patience and that’s okay. As long as you know you’re doing your best to serve them, you can rest easy with a feeling of accomplishment.



Do you have longtime clients or a few large accounts? Take time to thank them by sending a handwritten thank you note or box of sweets. Choose a non-holiday time of year when it’s least expected and let them know they’re important to you and your business.


It can be easy to get caught up in day to day business and forget that without clients we’d have no business. Take time this week or this month to reflect on how you can go the extra mile for your court reporting clients.

Are you an attorney in need of a court reporter in Minneapolis or Las Vegas, contact us today!