Five Reasons You Should Consider Remote Participation Depositions

video conference meeting

Remote participation depositions are playing an increasing role in the legal field. By using the latest technology including teleconferencing, video conferencing, video streaming and document digitizing, an attorney can depose out-of-town witnesses from the comfort of their own office.

Using remote deposition services can be extremely beneficial by saving the time and expense of traveling without compromising the ability to obtain important information from witnesses. Once attorneys have become familiar with this practice, they are like to find that the benefits of remote depositions far outweigh any drawbacks.

Productivity – A five-hour deposition in another state could turn into a 48-hour trip if you sleep over on either end of the journey. The time–not to mention the sleep loss, waiting in airports, and packing–constitutes lost productivity for you and your firm.

Better value for your client – When attorneys fly to and from depositions the travel can be costly for the client, especially if the travel is international. While you may want to depose key witnesses in person, remote depositions are extremely effective for witnesses or preliminary fact-gathering sessions. You can also save your client the expense of copying and shipping exhibits by including electronic exhibits in your remote deposition.

No personal time away from family – You can avoid traveling away from home for multiple days for a single deposition by having a remote deposition that will save time and money and will give you more time to spend with your family.

No high cost location rental fees – Video conference centers can charge up to $300 per hour to rent rooms compared to a cost of up to $150 for remote depositions.

Convenience – Depending on how your remote deposition is set up, you may be able to participate by simply clicking a button on your computer or walking down the hall to your firm’s conference room.

So the next time you have an out-of-town deposition, you may want to consider contacting Depo International to set up a remote deposition for you. If you would like a demonstration, please let us know. And of course, we will be here to help you every step along the way.