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Discover which well-known novelist was a court reporter.

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Famous Court Reporter

The most famous court reporter is probably English novelist Charles Dickens. He started out as a law clerk in May 1827 at the firm of Ellis and Blackmore, where he managed the petty cash, ran errands, delivered documents and other similar tasks.

He didn’t stay long and, by November 1828, he was working at Charles Molley’s law firm – but he didn’t stay there long, either. Clerking apparently didn’t appeal to him and he didn’t want to become a lawyer.

So, he turned to court reporting, and he used what he learned to create memorable scenes in his well-known novels. Dickens learned the Gurney system of shorthand, something that often took people three years to learn, but he mastered it in about three months. It has been said that his outstanding memory is what allowed him to learn so quickly.

By 1829, he began working as a freelance court stenographer. In 1831, he served as a shorthand reporter for the Mirror of Parliament where he shared news from the House of Commons and House of Lords and he “became known for his quick and accurate courtroom reporting.” In fact, by his “early twenties, Dickens was already considered the best Parliamentary reporter in England.”

By 1833, Dickens began writing his essays that eventually led to his becoming a novelist. Here is a snippet from David Copperfield: “I have tamed that savage stenographic mystery. I make a respectable income by it. I am in high repute for my accomplishment.”

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