DI Sponsors CLE Presentation for LEEA

video conference meeting

Depo International, a Minneapolis court reporting agency, Las Vegas court reporting agency, and a national court reporting agency, proudly sponsors a CLE presentation titled “Creating a Culture of Gratitude in the Workplace.” This presentation grew out of one employee’s daily habit of sending grateful e-mails, detailing five things for which she was grateful for that day. No matter what her trials and tribulations were on any given morning, she saught out the silver lining of each situation. Those e-mails turned into an office phenomenon. Within a few weeks, all of Depo International’s staff members, certified court reporters and certified legal video specialists were sending grateful e-mails.
The employee who began the grateful e-mail trend has since become certified to present a CLE presentation which focuses on gratitude and appreciation in the work place. This presentation details the psychological and physiological benefits to having a grateful attitude, particularly in the workplace. Most recently, this presentation was given to the members of the Legal Employees Educational Association (LEEA). At Depo International, we are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor this wonderful presentation for the LEEA members. What a difference a grateful attitude can make in the workplace!