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DI Now Offers Continuing Legal Education Credit In Professional Responsibility

As an employee of Depo International, one of the first things I do upon arriving at the office in the morning is check my e-mail. There are always business e-mails to read and a few spam e-mails to delete. There are also always “Grateful E-mails” to read. These e-mails are the highlight of my morning. Sent by DI staff members and reporters, these emails include five things for which the sender is grateful for that day. This tradition, which originated with one staff member, grew to include the leadership team, and then grew even more to include all of the DI staff and reporters!

This grateful attitude is something upon which we at Depo International pride ourselves. Along with being grateful and appreciative of our employees, we strive to show our appreciation for our customers. We have an extensive customer appreciation program which aims to exceed our customers’ wants and needs, including delivering fresh-baked cookies to depositions.

Most recently, we have taken our gratitude one step further. We proudly sponsor the presentation of “Creating a Culture of Gratitude and Appreciation in the Workplace.” This presentation, which originated with a staff employee’s “Grateful E-mail,” has grown into a certified continuing legal education (CLE) presentation. Attendees will not only learn the importance of gratitude and appreciation in the workplace, but will also earn CLE credit in Professional Responsibility. We feel privileged to sponsor this wonderful presentation with such a strong emphasis on gratitude and appreciation in one’s life.