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Anytime. Anywhere.
with Zoom DepoRemote™

DepoRemote™ is here to help you achieve easy, effective, and secure remote depositions from anywhere at any time. Our advanced technology and 40 years of experience in the court reporting industry will ensure your success.

DepoRemote™ Delivers!

Our advanced technology and experience in the court reporting industry guarantees a more effective, well-organized and user-friendly remote experience. When you chose DepoRemote, you will receive unsurpassed customer service and technological excellence

Anytime. Anywhere.

Our DepoRemote™ team are the experts and available all day, every day. Schedule online at [email protected] or call us at 1-800-591-9722 to schedule your deposition today.


We make sharing exhibits uncomplicated and easy! Our DepoRemote™​ experts will walk you through the whole process and show you our hassle-free structure so you can easily share exhibits.

Quality Presentation

With DepoRemote™ as your foundation, your remote depositions are delivered in HD with crystal-clear audio.

User Friendly

DepoRemote™ provides depositions from anywhere at any time and is simple to use from any device or operating system.

Multiple Connections

Up to 100 participants can connect via computers, tablets, and smartphones, from anywhere around the world.

DepoRemote™ Technical Assistance

With over 40 years of experience in the court reporting industry, Depo International has facilitated thousands of remote depositions. To assure everything goes smoothly, you can choose to have one of our DepoRemote™ expert technicians assist you during your entire deposition. From pulling up exhibits, to sharing them, annotating and marking exhibits, or assist you in breakout rooms, we are here to help! 

An Excellent Experience!

You’ll be able to see your witness, court reporter, opposing counsel, and exhibits all in one user-friendly interface.

Remote deposition options

DepoRemote™ has a variety of options, whether on a desktop, laptop, iPad, smartphone, teleconference or if you need a video-conference suite, we can accommodate your every request!


You will receive a link via email from one of our expert technicians prior to the deposition. It is as easy as clicking on the link! Connect up to 100 people from absolutely anywhere. DepoRemote™ technology is amazing and limitless. You can share screens, play video with audio, and pull up exhibits. Our team will walk you through the whole process, and if you choose, we can stay on with you during the entire process monitoring the connection to guarantee everything goes perfectly.

Woman typing in phone number


You can take your deposition by phone. DepoRemote™ provides you with a dial-in number for all parties involved. It’s best to contact our experts just prior to the deposition so we can run a test call to make sure your audio is of the highest quality.


You, the court reporter, and the witness can attend the remote deposition via one of our video conference centers around the world. The picture quality and audio is exceptional due to DepoRemote™’s video and web conferencing advanced technology. With IP videoconferencing, your firm can conduct securely communicated depositions in full HD from the comfort of one of our deposition suites or your law firm. Our systems ensure that the picture and sound are crystal clear every time.

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woman with headphones on computer

Excellent Customer Service

Whatever platform you choose, we suggest you schedule a test call with us prior to the deposition. Our DepoRemote™ technicians will be with you every step of the way until you feel comfortable.

Video Tutorials for Remote Depositions

Watch our tutorial videos on performing remote depositions with Depo International’s DepoRemote™ solution! We’ve put together some in depth videos on the tips, tricks, and how-to’s of remote depositions just for you. After watching these videos you should be up to speed and in the know on all the best practices and technology you need to be an expert at working remotely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our DepoRemote expert technicians have years of experience in regards to remote depositions through teleconference, mobile, and traditional or videoconferencing. Here are a few of the most common questions that we receive:

What does a videographer do?

The videographer would set up a camera in front of the computer and only have the witness showing up on the screen. They would then shoot the deposition just the same as they would in an in-person deposition.

Can the paralegal share the exhibits?

Yes, they can. We offer training so that they are comfortable with the process, and it would streamline and help make everything run more smoothly.

How does an interpreter work?

Really the same as in person. They will be present on Zoom. They can sometimes also be with the witness.

Who presents the exhibits, the attorney or the court reporter?

Either one can present them, but it is our suggestion that the attorney presents the exhibits because they are familiar with the exhibits. It is difficult for the court reporter to take the deposition and also scroll through and share the exhibits. It saves a lot of time and frustration if the attorney shares them. Another option is to have a DepoRemote™ specialist assist with presenting the exhibits. DI has this option available and would assign a technician to monitor the entire deposition process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. There is no extra fee for this service if a videographer is also scheduled for the deposition.

Are there any types of cases that don’t work well for DepoRemote™ ?

No. All types of depos work well.

What happens when there is not opposing counsel present? How do you authenticate the witness?

Before the depo starts, the witness would need to have a form or two of identification. The witness will be asked by the court reporter to hold his or her identification up to the camera so the attorney and court reporter can see it. The court reporter will then ask the deposing attorney on the record if they would stipulate to the authenticity of the witness.

Do the attorneys and/or law firms need to have a Zoom account?

No. DepoRemote™ has you covered. We happily set everything up for you.

How do the breakout rooms work?

Breakout rooms are very similar to an attorney and witness leaving the deposition to go into a separate room to talk. The host, DepoRemote™ specialist or the court reporter would assign a breakout room for specific people. They would then be in a separate room to privately communicate. The rest of the people in the depo will not be able to hear or see them. The host can also set a timer on the breakout room. Once the timer is up, they are back in the depo with everyone else.

Other than disabling the private chat, do you have other recommendations to ensure that counsel and the witness aren’t communicating or previewing exhibits off the record?

We suggest having the witness sit an extended distance from the computer, tablet, phone, etc. Ask a question of the witness on the record of what the witness has available around them like a phone, tablet, etc.

How does an attorney receive Realtime during a remote deposition?

Receiving realtime during a remote depo is pretty simple and very much the same as receiving realtime in an in-person deposition. The attorney requesting realtime would receive a link and through that link they will be able to view the transcript in realtime during the deposition. We suggest setting up an iPad to have the realtime transcript on the iPad so you can easily view the video and the realtime transcript.

What is the difference between Remote Notarization and E-Notarization?

Remote Notarization allows someone to notarize documents online through the 358 and 359 MN Statute. With E-Notarization the court reporters are able to swear in the witness verbally through DepoRemote™.

Are remote depos increasing or are people postponing their depositions?

Remote depos are increasing significantly. Many clients have been surprised at how smoothly and efficiently remote depositions are and very satisfied to receive their transcripts within our standard 5-day delivery. The comments we hear are, “Why would I travel for three days across country to take a 2-hour deposition when I can achieve the same results with DepoRemote™? Why haven’t I known about this service before? This is great!”

If we use a videoconference, can we connect via phone?

Yes, that is not a problem. Once you enter the DepoRemote™ conference, you may choose to connect by phone as well. A dial in number is always provided.

Do we need to download anything?

No. To use DepoRemote™ our expert remote technician will send you a link and all you need to do is click on the link. It’s that easy!

Can we mark exhibits?

Yes. You may either pre-mark your exhibits and send them to us or have the court reporter mark them for you. Our technicians can help walk you through the process every step of the way. Just give us a call 1-800-591-9722

Who controls scrolling through exhibits?

This is completely up to you. You can choose to scroll or we can give the witness or anyone you designate the ability to scroll through the exhibits.

Where is the Court Reporter?

With The Witness

This is the ideal situation, especially for remote depositions requiring an interpreter. The reporter should be in the presence of the witness and interpreter. We provide t he court reporter and interpreter where ever your witness is located anywhere in the world.

NOT With The Witness

DepoRemote recommends that the reporter be present with the witness to ensure accuracy. We understand that this is not always possible. It is possible to take the deposition without the reporter being physically present with the remote witness. Contact us at [email protected] We will provide you with the unique details of your individual remote deposition.

How does the oath work?

If the reporter is not with the witness, a stipulation on the record may be required regarding the reporter’s ability to swear in the witness. Some states may have specific requirements about the administration of the oath when not present with the witness. We can help you find out that information. Email [email protected] or just give us a call.

Is the remote deposition secure?

Our DepoRemote™ solution is secure. We are Business Associate Agreement (BAA) licensed and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliant. Our platform is encrypted and 100% secure.