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DepoRemote™ Interpreters

When you think of having an interpreter for your deposition, I’m sure you think of having them with or next to the witness. But like so many other things, this year we have had to reconsider our options. Here at Depo International it is still possible to have an interpreter during your deposition whether they are with the witness or appearing via DepoRemote separately. We are able to continue utilizing our interpreters via DepoRemote because they exhibit such accuracy, patience and professionalism.

In order for the deposition to run as smooth as possible, here are some steps to take to help everyone:

Make sure you schedule enough time for your deposition. Depositions with interpreters can take up to twice as long as you’d think, in person or remote.

Consider hardwiring your internet connection. Nowadays most of us have wireless internet, which can be great and have good speed and connection, but if you are experiencing any issues with your wireless internet, we highly suggest hard wiring. This way there is no audio lagging or interruptions during the deposition.

Pick the quietest room in your home, office, etc. background noise can really interfere with what everyone else is hearing.
If you are nervous about your connection, sound and/or video, please call our office and schedule a test run with Marianne.

Prepping the Interpreter with any information, such as names, terminology, notices, exhibits, etc., prior to the deposition will be incredibly helpful to the interpreter. Anything you can send to our firm beforehand so we can pass it along would be greatly appreciated.

Being patient with yourself and others as you speak is the best way to conduct your remote deposition. Speak slowly and loudly, and also wait for someone to finish what they are saying before you start speaking. Interrupting and mumbling is extremely hard to be interpreted.

We have taken it upon ourselves to pay attention to all of the small details to help and prepare you for anything and everything that could occur during the remote deposition so that we are able to make this process as seamless as possible for you and everyone involved. Never hesitate to contact our office at 800-591-9722 or [email protected] with any questions and especially to schedule.