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We are all learning to navigate our new realities given our nation’s current events. As a court reporting firm, we look at all this change as an opportunity to grow with the new normal so that we can continue to be a vital role for law firms. We are here to help guide you with the extensive research and knowledge we have obtained. We held a CLE presentation in May for the MPA on the Best Practices for Remote Depositions that you can watch here. Today I am going to give you DepoRemote’s top tips on preparing for your remote depositions.

1. Do A Test Run! Or Two!

This can really help you make sure you have all your ducks in a row for the big day. It also will help make you feel more comfortable and confident.

2. Optimize Your Internet Connections.

  • You can check to learn your upload and download speed. It’s good to have at least 1 Mbps.
  • Using an Ethernet and being hardwired is the ultimate setup for success, but not required.
  • Wi-Fi connections can work, provided the speed is great.

3. Optimize Your Audio Connection.

  • During the test run, you can check to see if your computer, laptop, or cellphone has better audio.
  • Remember if you are using your cellphone, to mute your computer or laptop.
  • Disable all incoming calls and notifications.
  • For everyone to hear you clearly, mute your microphone when you are not speaking. Just remember to turn it back on when you’re ready to talk.

4. First Impressions Count!

  • Keep a tidy work space.
  • Less is more. Keep your clothing, hair, make-up, etc. simple. This also makes you feel confident.
  • Use the zoom touch-up filter to even out your picture.
  • Camera angle is best at eye level.
  • Lighting is your best friend. We have found that natural light coming in from in front of you looks the very best. 

5. Be Patient!

This comes directly from our court reporter, Brandi Bigalke, RPR, RSA. It is so important to remember that everyone is learning something new. Help eachother out, listen, learn, and be patient.

6. Last, But Certainly Not Least...Contact Depo International to Schedule DepoRemote™

Call Depo International with any question! We are here and happy to help and work with you!

Depo International has a vision and a mission to not only make it through this, but thrive in it! We are committed to delivering our services in the easiest, most simple way to you. Together let’s keep our spirits up, moving and thriving forward in the industry.

Author Paige Story


Paige Story | DepoRemote™ Specialist

Paige has been with Depo International for three years. She is a driven self-starter with many areas of expertise. Paige enjoys being the mother of a two-year old boy and enjoys being on the lake, reading, writing, baking, fitness, learning, and trying new things.