Depo International Names November Customer Appreciation Month

Las Vegas based court reporting firm Depo International shows gratitude to clients during Customer Appreciation Month

The team at Depo International practices what they preach when it comes to having an attitude of gratitude and has named November Customer Appreciation Month at their firm. They understand that a workplace filled with appreciation is a better place for everyone – employees as well as clients – and teach their seminar Gratitude in the Workplace to other court reporting firms.

“Our gratitude seminar can count toward CLE credit, as approved by the American Bar Association. While we promote this seminar throughout November, we offer it year round. We’ve named November as our Customer Appreciation Month at Depo International and while we maintain an attitude of gratitude every month of the year, we are going the extra mile this month to show appreciation to everyone who has helped make us the business we are today,” said a spokesperson for the firm.

The team believes that applying appreciation to business improves productivity and builds better relationships. This month they are delivering pies, offering Pie Socials for client in their offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Minneapolis, and providing Gratitude in the Workplace luncheon presentations. Throughout the fall they’ve also been bringing coffee to clients whether that’s a meeting at a coffee shop or bringing the coffee right to their office and regularly deliver birthday cupcakes.

Depo International believes that giving back is an essential part of growing and maintaining their business. As a leading court reporting firm with offices in Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and Chicago, they are well-known for their attitude of gratitude and appreciation of clients throughout the year.

For the last 40 years Depo International has been a committed to supporting the community and delivering quality customer service to their clientele.