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Real Time Court Reporting

Realtime court reporting is the gold standard for reading testimony as it is spoken. It’s simple: You will be able to use DI’s iPads during the deposition, all set up and ready to go. During the deposition session, you can view, search, mark key sections, and then leave the deposition with a rough draft sent to your email with annotations or markings that you have made during the deposition. Group chat and streaming text/video and audio is available, so your entire team and experts can remotely join into the session and be an active participant. For example, if you’re in Korea and your support team is in LA, and your experts are in D.C., connecting them to the session is simple – and we’ll handle all of the details. P.S. We don’t charge you for the service of providing the iPads – and we always provide interpreters with a courtesy realtime screen. It’s just the right thing to do, especially in technical, difficult patent cases where minute details make all the difference, and attention to details is our expertise.

Stenographic Court Reporting

While stenographic court reporters are in higher demand than ever before, the supply of new court reporting graduates has been declining over the last decade. This means that it’s more important than ever to align your law firm with a reputable court reporting agency like Depo International.