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Welcome to Depo International, the leader in global court reporting and the experts in remote video depositions! Thank you for selecting our court reporting agency for providing deposition services in Minneapolis.  Due to COVID, all Zoom remote videoconference deposition fees are waived* and our clean-safe rooms are complimentary.

We are known as the “Trial Lawyers’ Choice” for providing transcripts and providing professional, experienced certified court reporters, videographers, videoconferencing, interpretation, and trial support services throughout the United States and internationally. DI’s corporate headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota: regional offices in Las Vegas, Nevada; Chicago, Illinois,  and locations throughout the world. We are experts in conducting Zoom depositions utilizing the highest degree of security, super easy digital deposition exhibit handling, upgraded HD video quality and enhanced audio. We also specialize in streaming text and video, real-time to iPads, and videography.

Finding a qualified court reporter in Minneapolis has never been easier. Our experienced and professional Minneapolis reporters provide the fastest delivery and highest quality transcripts in all litigation matters, including construction defect, personal injury, insurance,  intellectual property, pharmaceutical, environmental,  medical malpractice, labor and employment, asbestos, patent law, trademark infringement, commercial litigation and securities. Our court reporters hold state and national licenses including CSR, RPR, RMR, CCR, RDR, CLR, CRR and CMRS.

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Professional Court Reporting in Minneapolis

When you are preparing for an impending trial, as an attorney or paralegal, you want to connect with draft testimony as soon as possible. With our realtime transcript service or rough draft, you can build a successful case before going to trial. And this is where our interactive court reporting comes in. We will help translate live speeches into written testimonies fast. When you work with us, you’ll be able to use already set up DI’s iPads during the deposition. You can search, mark key sections, and get a rough draft sent to your email with markings you’ve made during the session.

Experienced Court Reporters with Local Knowledge

Stenographic court reporters are in higher demand than ever before. But with a shortage of supply of court reporting graduates, it can be difficult to find competent court reporters. This is where Depo International comes in.

Our highly skilled team is experienced in all areas of litigation and can also schedule videographers, trial consultants, interpreters, process servers, and provide complimentary conference rooms, and Zoom remote services at no additional charge.

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Help Attorneys Prepare for Trial

Depo International is known as the “Trial Lawyer’s Choice” for deposition and litigation support services.

Safeguard the Legal Process

Be confident in knowing that you are selecting a professional, experienced, elite team to provide litigation support services to aid in winning your trial.

Real-Time Voice-To-Text Transcription

With the help of innovative technology, court reporters can provide trial attorneys with immediate access to a transcript of what is being said. This refreshes everyone’s memory after returning from a short recess and also helps expedite the legal process.

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Unmatched Experience

With over 40 years in the business, we’re known for comprehensive court reporting, legal videography services, and legal support. Since the inception of COVID – we are also known as your Zoom remote deposition experts for court reporting and videography. We provide our clients with professional staff committed to providing fast and effective court reporting services.

Global Service Provision

We have court reporting services in all 50 states and more than 30 countries. Our multiple regional offices and global networks ensure we can provide court reporting services anywhere.

Personalized Services

Our clients are our priority. Whatever your needs, we offer. Our personal client relationship team can tailor your court reporting needs, and we will customize packages to fit any unique circumstance.

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Are you a trial attorney in Minneapolis looking for fast and reliable court reporting?

Look no further than Depo International. Our court reporters pay attention to detail to come up with perfect transcripts.