Court Reporter’s Guide to Working from Home

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Working from home sounds like a great opportunity. To create your own schedule, working while sipping coffee from your favorite mug, wearing yoga pants or your favorite pajamas is pretty much any cubicle jockey’s dream. But with all the autonomy to create your own schedule and work from home, it’s easy to lose focus on the task at hand.
Court reporting is driven by strict deadlines and accuracy is the most fundamental guidelines. How do you maintain focus without being distracted by all the comforts and distractions of home?


Location. Location. Location.


That advice is not just for real estate. To work effectively from home, you need a functional workspace. That doesn’t mean you can’t work from the kitchen table but it does mean that while you are working, that table is your desk and the kitchen is your office.


Set a schedule.

Establish a routine that works for you and stick with it. When are you most productive? Keep a calendar to schedule your working hours and your down time. Keeping to a schedule will help you work more efficiently as your body and brain settle into a routine of work time and down time. At the same time, having a schedule will allow you to enjoy your free time as you won’t be wondering if you should be working.



If you have housemates and/or children, it will be essential to communicate when and where you are working. Having a set schedule and location will help reinforce that you are working and are not available during that time. Establishing and maintaining those boundaries will reinforce the vital fact that although you are home, you are working. The same rule applies to friends. You may find friends will want to get together for lunch or to go to the gym because they know you are home during the day. Schedule these activities in advance and try to discourage last minute plans that will take you away from your normal working hours.


It takes planning and focus. We hope these tips for a court reporter’s guide to working from home help you get organized!


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