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Depo International’s knowledge and expertise in handling complex cases allows ease of mind for you and your litigation teams. DI’s full litigation support, be it Digital Exhibits (paperless exhibit solutions that allow you to load all of your exhibits digitally to share with legal counsel throughout the deposition. This secure internet-based technology stores potential exhibits while allowing you to annotate, view and share them electronically during proceedings. Multi-location, electronic exhibit stamping, realtime mark-up and digital file and event management makes digital exhibits the best solution for ease of access and sharing. All of our transcripts are hyperlinked with your exhibits, at no additional charge to you.) , to global scheduling, to interpreting/translating, process serving, or trial consulting, trust the experts at DI and receive excellent customer service and complete support.

Each complex case is assigned a Complex Case Manager available 24/7, and all services are supported through our online repository, with all your case documents easily accessed online 24/7.

We know a thing or two about handling large complex cases, and will be there for you, from start to finish. With our process service, deposition ease of scheduling, and Trial Consulting, we can handle it all!

Preparing and displaying evidence in the courtroom can be a daunting experience.
It is now common place to have a dedicated person to take on this stressful task. Depo International now provides trial consulting services to take the heat off the team so you can stress about the thing that matters, your case.

Our trial consultants are proficient in all areas when it comes to trial. What happens when you decide to build a PowerPoint for an expert witness the night before? Maybe you need video depositions cut for playback in the courtroom or strategic ideas on how to present evidence in the most compelling way. Or maybe you need a strong technical background for when the equipment fails in the courtroom. No matter what the concern is, we can provide you the stress-free electronic courtroom experience you need to prepare for trial. Contact us today for more information about these services and how to effectively present your next case in the electronic courtroom!

Common services include:

  • Courtroom Support
  • Presentation Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Equipment Rental
  • Technical Training