Choosing the Right Reporting Agency for your Professional Zoom Deposition

One of the most important decisions you will make as a lawyer is selecting a professional Zoom deposition reporting agency. This may seem like an easy task, but there are so many factors to consider.

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Several types of cases, including those involving software, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, are intricate, confidential endeavors – with a price tag to match. High-profile cases involve sophisticated technical experts who are sometimes at odds with the attorneys. Many trade secret disputes involve high-profile parties, such as companies, universities, and government agencies. However, they often involve intellectual property, such as patents, designs, and software source code; confidential information; or trade or technical know-how. They can involve international depositions, requiring substantial travel of witnesses and lawyers. Zoom deposition can alleviate a lot of logistical and financial concerns. But choosing the right reporting agency for remote depositions is crucial.

What Should A Reporting Agency Have For Zoom Depositions?

It is imperative that you select a court reporting agency with solid experience. Ideally, you are looking for a court reporting team skilled at handling multiple tracks, next-day rushes, strict confidentiality, cutting-edge technology, as well as having reporters, videographers, and interpreters throughout the world. Knowledge of properly handling hybrid depositions is also crucial, as some parties may be present in the room and others on Zoom.  Having The Owl tool is highly recommended and beneficial to ease everyone’s Zoom experience.

An Agency With Global Reach

It is advisable to hire an agency with an international presence when IP matters are involved, as you will likely need to depose numerous witnesses overseas. How many reporters, videographers, and interpreters does your agency have around the world? Do they have experience with international depositions? These are essential questions that need answering before you hire them.

Utilization of Real-Time

The agency should have real-time reporters. You should require real-time when it comes to intellectual property matters. Particularly in the case of interpreted depositions, real-time saving is very helpful. For instance, you can reduce or eliminate the need for constant reading back on the court reporter’s part. Real-time reporting has several advantages like this. However, real-time reporters are not always available. Since not all court reporters provide real-time services, it is important that you discuss this option with your account executive promptly in order to guarantee you have a real-time reporter.

Ask Questions

Find out what services they offer and examine how they operate. Communicate your expectations, concerns, and needs directly to the account executive. This team should be able to outline a process that makes you feel comfortable that they will not miss any details, that they will listen to your concerns, and that they will have solutions to problems they may not expect. It is important for you to work with a team that is confident and experienced in handling IP cases and know how to deal with exhibits, protective orders, and other details involved in IP cases.

How do I share exhibits?  How do I get the best internet connection? Should I use a headset if I am taking the deposition? How does an interpreter work?  What kind of equipment do I need?  How to video the deposition for trial?  Is the remote deposition secure?  How do the breakout rooms work?  What is the best solution for a hybrid deposition, where some attorneys and/or witnesses are in person and others are via Zoom?  What is The Owl? How much does it cost?  How much does a Zoom deposition cost? 

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Depo International is your remote deposition expert and are here to help you with providing these answers and making your remote videoconference deposition more valuable to you at trial. 

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