Chicago Crime, Courts, and Immigration

Chicago Crime, Courts, and Immigration

If you believe Chicago crime is caused by illegal immigrants like President Drumpf does (source) or you just want the city to be a safer place for your family, the fact is what’s happening is impacting the court system, including an increased demand for court reporters. And it’s not just crimes causing the demand. Across the nation, current events are impacting the need for court reporters while the supply continues to decrease.

By the year 2018, it is estimated there will be a court reporter shortage of more than 5,000, including 260 here in Illinois.

Couple the shortage with closing court reporting schools and we’ve got ourselves a potential crisis in courtrooms across the nation. As an industry, we need to do what we can to attract new reporters to what is an exciting and growing industry.

  • Communication with high school and college career counselors and student about the benefits of a career in reporting.
  • Share your experience on blogs, LinkedIn publishing, and social media.
  • Continued media coverage on the expansion of reporting outside the courtroom and into the business world.

Professionals with court reporting skills are being requested for real-time transcription and closed captioning of live events, webinars, seminars, political and civic events, and education.

We’ve got to work together to share these opportunities with prospective reporters of all ages.

Current events impact the demand for court reporters.

In addition to Chicago crime, the President signed the Executive Order travel ban which caused immigration attorneys to flock to airports and protests to help those in need of legal advice.

While the excitement has died down since higher courts ruled against the ban, there are still questions about how this administration will handle immigration issues.

It’s not just the political climate that influences the demand for court reporters.

If you can believe it, the weather plays a role in industry trends. According to Ducker Worldwide, when the weather is bad and the economy is trending upward, there are more insurance claims. That means more mediation or court cases that need reporters. It’s happening today and while it’s exciting, Chicago crime, courts, and immigration, along with a shortage and increased demand, is the perfect storm for the court reporting industry.

We’re curious to see how it all plays out. For now, we’re here to provide experience reporters for your legal and business needs. Contact us today to learn more.