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Chicago Court Reporting Firm Expands to Cover Illinois

Depo International, a company with offices in Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and Chicago, is now featuring court reporting capability across the state of Illinois. The court reporters at Depo International have earned a reputation as the trial lawyers’ choice when an attorney needs assistance with depositions, legal videography, and more. Depo International court reporters have extensive experience in complicated cases and assist with super-fast delivery.


The Depo International offices in Chicago, now working around the state, provide state-of-the-art remote deposition systems. Says company president Angela Baker, “The technological advantages of choosing to partner with Depo International are significant for attorneys who do not want to have to worry about the travel expenses and time associated with a traditional deposition.”


Depo International prides itself on being on the edge of technology offerings in the court reporting and legal videography fields, and company leaders are often educating themselves about improvements that can make things better for the end client. “Often, these advancements allow us to help attorneys do their jobs more effectively when it comes to depositions. Now it’s easier for lawyers to schedule, attend, and get transcripts from these events,” Baker says.


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