Pick Me! Pick Me!

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It’s Been 2 Years Since The Pandemic Started That Changed Our Industry. It’s now two years post pandemic since the world changed our industry and the future of remote depositions is here to stay! And it’s all good! Pick the best team to provide remote deposition services! Depo International guarantees superior customer service and stands […]

Choosing the Right Reporting Agency for your Professional Zoom Deposition

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One of the most important decisions you will make as a lawyer is selecting a professional Zoom deposition reporting agency. This may seem like an easy task, but there are so many factors to consider. Several types of cases, including those involving software, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, are intricate, confidential endeavors – with a […]

Meet the Owl! A Remote Hybrid Deposition’s Dream Solution

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Meet the OWL! A Dream Solution for Hybrid Depositions As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote proceedings are here to stay. Some law firms estimate 95% of work will be completed remotely in the years to come. To accommodate for remote work, many law professionals have turned to our DepoRemote™ solution for security and […]

Audio Tips for Your Remote Deposition

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, courts had to move many of their proceedings to remote proceedings instead of in person. That means lawyers and judges alike had to learn new ways of handling their cases.  One of the things that became evident from this was the essential need for court reporters.  However, like judges and lawyers, […]

Recording Remote Depositions: What to Know as a Court Reporter

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In April 2020, the world stood still, but the work of the courts had to continue. Enter in the remote deposition. As depositions moved remote, many believed that recording is an equal substitute for videography. Yet, there is a difference between hitting the record button and having a videographer present. If you are a court reporter, […]

Tips to Make You Better at International Travel During a Pandemic

How to Safe While Traveling Legal offices and courts now offer in person services again, meaning people need to travel for depositions and court dates. When judicial proceedings take place between people from different states or countries, it requires travel. While things are open, you still want to stay as safe as possible. In this […]

How to Break Out of Your Remote Work Rut

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How to Break Out of Your Remote Work Rut Since March 2020, the pandemic caused a shift in the way people work. For over a year, our new norm went from chaotic mornings rushing to the office to working from home. During this time, research shows that people’s productivity escalated. Many of us find joy […]

5 Characteristics of Great Court Reporters

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5 Characteristics of Great Court Reporters The median court reporter salary was $60,130 last year. If you’re wondering how to become a court reporter or you’re looking into court reporter school, does that figure motivate you to get more serious about pursuing court reporter jobs?  What is a court reporter anyway? Court reporters sit in […]

3 Ultra-Useful Tips for Scheduling a Remote Deposition

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3 Ultra-Useful Tips for Scheduling a Remote Deposition The legal process is changing. Since 2020, almost every state has passed rulings allowing for the remote collection of witness testimony.  When your trial can cost thousands of dollars in legal fees, you want to make sure you have the best means of collecting your evidence. But […]

Tips to Ensure You are Ready for Remote Depositions

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Tips to Ensure You are Ready for Remote Depositions COVID-19 has completely altered the way depositions function. In some ways, that has been good; remote depositions make it easier (in theory) to get everyone needed together, thanks to videoconferencing. Other aspects of the “new normal,” however, have made witness preparation more challenging. To help ensure […]