Beware: Deposition Court Reporting Scams Online

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Deposition Court Reporting Scams Online

Unscrupulous people find all sorts of ways to scam the unsuspecting – and this is true both offline and on. In a Snopes report most recently updated in 2015, the following scam was explained.

Scammers emailed notices that claimed the receiver was scheduled to appear for a hearing and must prepare and bring related documents to the hearing. This ominous message is added “The case may be heard by the judge in your absence if you do not come.” For more information, the person is invited to click a link – and, when someone does, “Malicious code is loaded onto computers.”

This scam began in December 2013 and spread internationally. The malware originally used in the scam was called Kuluoz – which added FAKEAV to the computer, which gave false security alerts that enticed victims into buying fake antivirus software. This in turn allowed the malware to collect passwords and otherwise do damage.

Snopes concludes: “The bottom line? Don’t click on attachments in scary-sounding e-mails lest you open your computer to crooks who will access all your personal information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, and bank account details.”

Depo International Takes Ethics Seriously

We shared the story of the scam artists because we take ethics seriously and don’t want anyone taken in by unscrupulous people. Our court reporters follow the code of ethics by the National Court Reporters Association; here are just a few sections of the code:

    • • Be fair and impartial toward each participant in all aspects of reported proceedings, and always offer to provide comparable services to all parties in a proceeding.


    • • Preserve the confidentiality and ensure the security of information, oral or written, entrusted to the Member by any of the parties in a proceeding.


    • Determine fees independently, except when established by statute or court order, entering into no unlawful agreements with other reporters on the fees to any user.

Ethical Court Reporting Services

Depo International, recognized as the “Trial Lawyer’s Choice” for comprehensive court reporting services, has been providing court reporting and legal videography services locally, nationally, and internationally for over 40 years. We are led by a team of outstanding professionals who are committed to providing the highest levels of service in the legal field. We understand that oftentimes legal proceedings require the utmost of urgency and accuracy. We are committed to working as quickly and efficiently as possible for you without sacrificing quality.

Our company, which is based on a foundation of gratitude, extends gratitude to not only our staff but our clients. We acknowledge the efforts of our staff and clients by establishing appreciation programs such as offering monthly promotions, holiday treats, recognizing client birthdays and more. At Depo International, we are grateful for you!

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