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Benefits of Hiring a Transcriptionist

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Legal and business professionals in Chicago are increasingly requesting our services for the transcription of recorded meetings, webinars, and livestreams. While our court reporters have the skills and technology to complete the work and your administrative assistant has the time, there are benefits to hiring a professional transcriptionist because they specialize in changing live or recorded speech into text documents with cost effectiveness and accuracy.

Role of a Court Reporter 

Court reporters, also called stenographers, are in the courtroom documenting everything that is said on the record. Registered Professional Reporters (RPR) type at a speed of 180 wpm with 96% accuracy. For those with higher speed and accuracy, the may consider real-time reporting as a Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) at a speed of 200 wpm and 96% accuracy.

You can find court reporters working as employees of the court, much like you see portrayed on television legal shows. More frequently they’re working as freelance court reporters for agencies like ours on any number of different cases; they may be in a courtroom but can also be found at depositions, arbitrations, and mediations, to name a few.

Transcription vs. Court Reporting

While court reporters work from a live event, transcriptionists work from a recording. You might want to have a Facebook Live transcribed for use as a blog post, newsletter, or other written content, for example, and would hire a transcriptionist to do that work. It’s likely they will ask if you want a verbatim or lightly edited version.

  • Verbatim includes non-words like ahs and ums.
  • Lightly edited version eliminates ahs and ums and breaks in speech.

While court reporters are paid by the page, transcriptionists are paid by the audio minute. They may work as freelance transcriptionists or for an agency like ours. If they’re freelance, they will have their own technology including secure internet connection, cloud hosting like Dropbox, and a system for receiving and delivering documents to clients.

Benefits of Hiring a Transcriptionist 

If you’ve ever tried to transcribe a recording yourself, you can already understand the benefits of hiring a transcriptionist. Ask yourself what an hour of your time is worth. It might be time to outsource! A professional is more skilled, efficient, accurate, and, let’s face it, faster than you or I will ever be. While there is a cost, it is less stress and gives you the time to focus on your business.

While court reporters and transcriptionists have similar skills, there are benefits to hiring a transcriptionist for your next project whether that’s recorded notes for a medical professional, lawyer, academic or business professional, or a personal project like writing a book. 

Learn more about the Depo International – Chicago services on our website. We look forward to working with you. 

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