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DepoRemote™ is here to help you achieve easy, effective, and secure remote depositions from anywhere at any time. Our advanced technology and 40 years of experience in the court reporting industry will ensure your success.

Setting A New Standard

DepoRemote™ Delivers!

With the most 5-Star Google reviews, the fastest standard transcript delivery, united with 40 years of experience in the court reporting industry, Depo International guarantees a superior customer experience, and stands out as a shining star and global leader in remote video depositions.

Anytime. Anywhere.
 DepoRemote™ team are the experts and available all day, every day. Schedule online by clicking here or call us at 1-800-591-9722 to schedule your deposition today.

We make sharing exhibits uncomplicated and easy! Our DepoRemote™ experts will walk you through the entire process and show you our hassle-free structure so you can easily share exhibits. Watch the video by clicking HERE!

So Real You'll Pinch Yourself
Trust us to deliver in-person participation for hybrid Zoom conferencing depositions. A picture is worth a thousand words. Click here watch a demo video.

Quality Presentation
With DepoRemote™ as your foundation, your remote depositions are delivered in HD with crystal-clear audio.

Multiple Connections

Up to 100 participants can connect via computers, tablets, and smartphones, from anywhere around the world.

We Are Your Remote Deposition Experts

Zoom DepoRemote™ Technical Assistance
With over 40 years of experience in the court reporting industry, Depo International has facilitated thousands of remote depositions. To assure everything goes smoothly, you can choose to have one of our DepoRemote™ expert technicians assist you during your entire deposition. From pulling up exhibits, to sharing them, annotating and marking exhibits, or assisting you in breakout rooms, we are here to help!
Remember:  We are your one-stop shop: reporting, videography, deposition management, and courtroom presentation.
         Call us today to host your case and all of the depositions and exhibits – we have your back! 
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  Frequently Asked Questions  
  1. How do I share exhibits?
    You can pull up exhibits yourself and use the share function or have our technicians manage them; either way you can mark, annotate, and share. For large case depositions with voluminous exhibits, AgileLaw is our streamline tool that can manage the entire process incredibly smooth.
  2. How do I get the best internet connection?
    We recommend hardwiring your laptop or desktop for the best DepoRemote™ Zoom experience. Headsets are also a great added tool to get excellent audio.
  3. How to video the deposition for trial?
    We recommend and can provide professional videographers to protect the preservation of the Zoom deposition for trial. Some jurisdictions do not allow the submission of Zoom recordings as evidence at trial.
  4. How does an interpreter work?
    Really the same as in person. The interpreter will be present on Zoom. If preferred, they can also be with the witness.
  5. How do the breakout rooms work?
    Breakout rooms are very similar to an attorney and witness leaving the deposition to go into a separate room to talk. The host, DepoRemote™ specialist or the court reporter would assign a breakout room for specific people. They would then be in a separate room to privately communicate. The rest of the people in the depo will not be able to hear or see them. The host can also set a timer on the breakout room. Once the timer is up, they are back in the depo with everyone else.
  6. Is the remote deposition secure?
    Our DepoRemote™ solution is secure. We are BAA licensed and HIPAA Compliant. Our DepoRemote™ solution is encrypted offering 100% security.
  7. What kind of equipment do I need?
    Zoom videoconference depositions are easy to access from any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or videoconference.
  8. How much does it cost?
    It is 100% Free! There is no charge for DepoRemote™. There is only a charge if you need the videographer so you can have a court-approved copy of the deposition video.
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Recording Remote Depositions: What to Know as a Court Reporter

person's hand typing on a keyboard

Recording Remote Depositions: What to Know as a Court Reporter

person's hand typing on a keyboard

In April 2020, the world stood still, but the work of the courts had to continue. Enter in the remote deposition.

As depositions moved remote, many believed that recording is an equal substitute for videography. Yet, there is a difference between hitting the record button and having a videographer present.

If you are a court reporter, you may be wondering if the court will admit a deposition you recorded. The answer is, it depends.

Keep reading to learn more about the admissibility of recording remote depositions.

Court Reporter Transcripts Versus Video Recordings

A recorded deposition is not an equal or a replacement of a certified court reporter’s transcript.

Recently, in Alcorn v. City of Chicago (2020), Judge Harjani ruled that Plaintiff could not use recorded testimony in her case. Plaintiff thought that the symmetries of the certified transcript proved the veracity of the recording.

Yet, pairing a certified transcript with a zoom recording does not certify the recording.

Several factors affect admissibility. One issue is that no one annotates the video and states start and end times for the record.

But, the most critical issue that Judge Harjani underlined was that there was no videographer present.

Why Does a Video Recording Need to Be Certified?

Court reporters ensure the integrity of the transcribed testimony. Competing counsels would each present their versions of the deposition without a certified court reporter. As a result, it would be impossible for the judge or jury to find the truth.

Likewise, a videographer certifies the accuracy of a video recording. Without certification, Judge Harjani argues, each side could present their own contradictory recordings.

How Is a Recording Certified?

Videographers do much work to ensure that the recordings they take are admissible in court. There are over sixty standards that a videographer must meet for a recording to be permitted.

The videographer has to label each recording with the date, the run time, the existence of protected material, and much more. They also have to maintain a chronological log of recorded depositions and document the chain of custody.

These steps are there to ensure the deposition was recorded with fairness and transparency.

It’s easy to see why the court reporter in Acorn v. Chicago would not certify the recording without a videographer present.

Remote Depositions Are Here to Stay

Virtual depositions emerged out of necessity during the pandemic, but it appears they are here to stay. Zoom depositions have proved helpful when it is impossible to have all parties meet in the same country, let alone in the same room.

As a court reporter, you must remember that courts will not accept all recorded remote depositions.

The only way to ensure that your recording is admissible is to have a certified videographer present. Hiring professionals ensure that your recorded deposition goes effortlessly, even when it’s time for the dreaded breakout room.

We at Depo International offer expert legal videography services. Contact us to schedule your recorded remote deposition.