DepoRemote™ Security

DepoRemote™ Security

We know how important security is for remote depositions, and with DepoRemote™, you can feel confident that your meeting is secure. We are BAA and HIPAA compliant. Our platform is encrypted and 100% secure. Each DepoRemote™  conference has its own unique link, meeting ID and password protection. Each participant needs to have the link and password in order to join the conference. Meetings are not listed publicly, they are by invitation only.

We also utilize a “waiting room” feature, which means that each participant has to wait until the host of the meeting lets them into the video conference. Each remote deposition that we schedule will be hosted by one of our DepoRemote™  specialists. The host will start the meeting, and watch the waiting room to make sure that only the people that are supposed to be in the meeting are allowed in. This ensures that no one can participate, view, or listen to the video conference without permission.

If you need the meeting to be recorded, we will not record to the cloud. Instead, the recording is stored locally. We do not want to take any chances with the possibility of hackers stealing video recordings that are stored in the cloud. We keep the video recordings stored safely here in our office, and can provide you with it at any time.

Rest assured, we at Depo International, want to make sure your DepoRemote™  meeting is as safe and secure as possible, and we are taking all precautions necessary to provide you with that security.

Remember that we do have DepoRemote™  technicians that you can schedule to attend the deposition, and to be there to assist you with anything you may need. Contact our office for more information.

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How To Prepare for a DepoRemote™

How To Prepare for a DepoRemote™

When you are ready to schedule a remote deposition, simply contact our office as you normally would when scheduling a deposition. We will add the information to our calendar, and set up the DepoRemote™ connection. As soon as you receive the link and connection information from me, you can forward it to all of the other participants, including the witness. Or, if you would like our office to send the DepoRemote™ information to the participants, we are happy to do that as well, just provide us with the email addresses that we should send it to.

We highly recommend doing a test call sometime before the deposition. You can just let us know what date and time you are available for a quick test, and we’ll set it up. In the test call, we can make sure that your audio and video connections are strong, and that the computer or device you plan to use for the deposition, will work well. We can also walk you through any of the DepoRemote™ features that you plan to utilize at the deposition. This can really help to avoid any confusion or issues when it’s time for the actual deposition.

If possible, email the exhibits to us before the deposition, so the court reporter has them in front of her, and ready to mark. Additionally, please let us know ahead of time, if you would like to schedule one of our DepoRemote™ Technicians to attend the deposition as well. We can make sure that the DepoRemote™ technician has all of the exhibits there, ready to share when the time is right, in the DepoRemote™ conference.

On the date of the deposition, plan to connect a few minutes early on the DepoRemote™ conference, so that we can make sure you are connected, and that your audio and video are clear.

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DepoRemote™ Exhibits and Exhibit Sharing

DepoRemote™ Exhibits and Exhibit Sharing

When it comes to exhibits during a remote deposition, DepoRemote™ makes it easy and convenient to display exhibits and share them with the other participants. First, make sure the exhibits are accessible somewhere on the computer or device you are using for the remote deposition. When you are ready to share the exhibit with the witness, and all other participants in the DepoRemote™ meeting, go down to the bottom of your screen, and click on this button here that says “share screen”.

As you can see, some options have popped up for you, based on what you have on your computer. If you click on the first box that says “screen”, that gives you the ability to navigate to the exhibit on your computer, with the participants watching what you are doing. If you have the exhibit already pulled up on your computer somewhere, you will see it pop up as one of these options, and you can just click on it. Once you have the right document or picture pulled up, everyone in the DepoRemote™ meeting will be viewing it at the same time.

Once you are finished sharing the document, you can click on “stop share” here at the top, and then we are all back in the regular video conference.

Here is another option I would like to show you. You can also send a copy of any document to all of the participants, right here in the chat window. All you need to do is click on “file” and you will be able to upload any file from your computer, into this chat window. Then everyone can have access to the file, and will be able to download it onto their own computers.

If you have a folder which contains many files, such as all of the exhibits, we recommend putting that folder into a file sharing program, such as dropbox,, or sharefile. Then you can paste the hyperlink into this chat window, which will take everyone to that folder in your file sharing program. That is a very convenient and easy way to share the exhibits with everyone.

If you would like one of our DepoRemote™ technicians to attend the remote deposition, he or she will be available to share the exhibits, using “share screen”, or to upload files into the chat window, so you don’t have to worry about it. Having the technician there to assist you will put your mind at ease, so you can focus on the deposition, and not on the technical things.

Feel free to explore our website, and watch some of the other video clips we have. They contain more information and helpful tips about remote depositions, and the services we provide.

DepoRemote™ Audio Tips

DepoRemote™ Audio Tips

For remote depositions, it’s crucial that the sound is clear. You will want to make sure that you can hear everyone clearly, and that they can hear you as well.

Make sure you have a good, reliable internet connection. If possible, try hard-wiring your computer with an Ethernet cable. Having a wired connection creates a faster, more stable connection. However, wi-fi is still acceptable. If your wi-fi is poor, try repositioning your router, or move your workspace closer to it. Close any browser windows you don’t need open. These could slow down your internet speed, using needed bandwidth.

Keep your mic away from your speakers, to prevent any audio feedback.

Make sure you are in a quiet room. Keep your microphone muted when you are not speaking, and then simply unmute yourself when you would like to speak. This will eliminate background noises and distractions.

Try using headphones for audio. If you have the gamer headphone and mic combo, that would work great for a good audio connection.

If you are having any problems with sound, we highly recommend calling into the DepoRemote™ meeting by phone. You can still keep your video up on the computer screen, but you’ll want to mute your speakers and your microphone, if you are using your phone for audio. If you hear an echo, that means you still need to mute your computer. For each DepoRemote™ conference, I always provide the participants with call-in instructions, in case they would like to use their phone for sound.

If you are using a cellphone, make sure you have good service and a strong signal. If you are experiencing bad cell service, enable Wi-Fi calling. Disable all incoming calls and notifications, or put your phone in airplane mode.

We have DepoRemote™ Technicians available to assist you with your remote depositions. A technician can attend the video conference, and be available through the whole deposition, to assist you with exhibits, breakout rooms, and anything else you may need help with. Contact our office for more details about scheduling a Technician.

Please watch the other clips on our website for more helpful information about DepoRemote™ and our services.